Are you in the UK & being shunned?

by Diogenesister 6 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Diogenesister

    Call on exjwreddit for experiences of those in the UK being shunned to send in to the UK charity commission

    (just realized the title of this post sounds like you're being shunned because you're in the UK!!)

  • pbrow

    Are you secretly trying to talk about The Donald??


  • Listener
    Diogenesister are you personally recommending that we give our private details to John Cedars/Lloyd Evans?
  • cappytan
    Ugh...the self-righteous Cedars haters on this forum are RIDICULOUS.
  • Listener

    Cappytan, not trusting someone with personal information and hating them are two very different things.

    He wants names, telephone numbers and details of any emotional or physiological effects shunning has had. A person should consider very carefully whether to divulge this sort of information to anyone, let alone a stranger.

  • nicolaou

    If Lloyd Evans (aka John Cedars) wants to write to the Charity Commission he should. If he wants to garner as much support for his effort he is free to do so.

    I don't hate Evans/Cedars but this episode typifies why I feel disinclined towards the man. Why couldn't he prepare his letter, post it on his site along with the Charity Commission contact details and ask for anyone who is willing to write the CC directly in his support?

    All issues of trust and confidentiality would be avoided and the CC would, perhaps, see dozens of emails instead of just one albeit with a list of names attached.

    But no, that's not his style.

    Lloyd Evans is working very hard and I have no doubt that he's woken some JW's and got them on the road to freedom. I won't be churlish and deny him what positive results have come from his work but, for his self referencing style the man does grate on me. If that's my weakness then so be it.

    Given his appalling attitude on the AAWA/Facebook debacle I'd think twice before trusting personal information with him.

  • Diogenesister

    Ok I am not 100% informed about the AAWA debacle but from what I DO know Cedars was not responsible for it whatsoever.

    It seems to me as if his real crime was that he did not show enough REPENTENCE for whatever it was he did not do. Sound familiar?????

    If you are suggesting that he can't be trusted with a few lifestories and phone numbers it is beyond pathetic.

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