Fading policies and doctrines

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  • Incognito
    It is about how the borg allow policies and doctrines to fade rather than correct them and apologise for mistakes.

    Since they claim God guides and directs their actions and provides nu-lite as he sees fit, any policy or doctrine changes, are attributed to God's will. The GB feel they have made no mistakes or errors as they are only following God's direction. Nothing to apologize for.

  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    OK here's another one (quoting from BOE 2012-01-06):

    Annually, one of the local needs parts on the Service Meeting should be used to review with
    the congregation the steps they need to take to prepare for the possibility of a disaster, including the
    following basics: (1) Have important documents ready for immediate evacuation. (2) Have a threeto-
    five day supply of emergency items, including food, medication, and safe drinking water, that
    can also be quickly taken in an evacuation. (3) Be prepared to evacuate and know where to go.
    (4) Follow the directions of local authorities and the elders. It is best if the congregation can stay
    together. The references listed at the end of this letter may be referred to during the local needs part
    as appropriate.

    Anyone have an annual local needs on this? How many have a bag with supplies lying around (my wife insisted on it - I keep tripping over it).

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