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  • snugglebunny
  • prologos
    The anti-typical Assyrien ? I heard David say wt is finished with that? nevertheless, follow our irrational instructions.
  • username

    John Class, Assyrian, when will it end? All those names or buzz words make my head hurt!

    I see they are reiterating the fact that the JWs have to OBEY those senile old men in Brooklyn again! This needs to be given to the Australian commission to prove that the governing are responsible for the care of all 8million JWs.


    Forgot to say hehe. It's another case of PSYOP. By using Assyrian JW's will associate this with the Syrian crisis and the subsequent constant threat of a terrorist attack by Isis, Isil, whatever their name is today!

    Propaganda at it's very best!

  • Alive!

    For way too long I couldn't hear the voice of the Lord Jesus/ Jehovah in the Literature from Brooklyn.

    So, as a believing 'Christian' - it did my head in. They write a load of rubbish.

    Today, am on a journey - and it's not with the spiritual interpretations from WTBTS/

  • OneFingerSalute

    So IF as they claim it will be life saving instructions they throw out there for the sheeple, what excuse will they trot out when those same sheep DIE while following those instructions?

    Yeah, I know; don't try to make sense out of non-sense.

  • skin
    They have recycled that classic line.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Sounds exactly like Jim Jone's last few sermons before declaring that chugging cyanide was the way to escape to god's kingdom. I kid you not, almost identicle words if you replace "Assyrians" with "Satan's persecutors".
  • stuckinarut2

    This is one of the most disturbing things that the org has ever written.

    When the magazine that had this first came out a few years back, a local psychologist saw it and was shocked at the blatant "troubling, cult like manipulation" it contained (his exact words)

  • Oubliette

    The comments conclude by admonishing us to "adjust our thinking."

    Well I'm happy to report that I have adjusted my thinking!

    • I no longer think the writers of the WT know what they are talking about,
    • I no longer think the GB have a clue,
    • I no longer think that JWs are "the One True Religion," in fact,
    • I now think JWs are a cult,
    • I no longer think that I have to belong to any religion at all to be happy, finally,
    • I no longer think that God exists.


    And I am so much happier because of these adjustments in my thinking.

    Praise be my new found thinking abilities!


  • millie210

    Funny that the article says

    NOWS the time to adjust your thinking!

    and it was published 2 years ago -

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