"This Generation" that will not pass away -- are the Wicked;- anointed or not.

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  • prologos

    1generation2groups made good observation,: Jesus was talking to Earthly Hope believers, like their contemporaries. but According to WT writers, "Jesus had in mind" a greater fulfillment, where the earthly class would never pass away (flesh would be saved), but the anointed would be alive and witness part of the Great Tribulation, but die, resurrect, be gathered, raptured before the climatic Armageddon. So who could be left that will eventually pass away but be kept alive until "all these things" including Armageddon ---occur?

    1) not the anointed, they are goners before Armageddon, 2) not the faithful wt other sheep. they will never pass away so. 3) it must be the wicked, anointed or not, that all will "not be gone until" all these things, including the final test occurred. but will be finally gone.

    will not pass away--until all occurs. but will pass away.

    now--about that snake--

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I'm not sure which ''overlapping generation'' they mean will not pass away. The ''generation teaching'' is looking more and more tired all the time. Could this possibly be a ''false doctrine''? per se.

    They have no choice but to try to ''explain their way'' out of this corner they've painted themselves into. They can't just drop the ridiculous doctrine because of risk of mass exodus by the JW's.. Generations DO NOT overlap!!

  • prologos

    beth. The anointed generation is a false doctrine per se, because it does not fit the time parameters set by the Jesus discourse when seen as the secondary, final fulfillment. The overlapping part is a total made-up fiction, that would also apply to the natural generation, that since 1914 would run out in 2034 at the latest too.

    thank you for at least talking, I am surprised nobody has taken up the fact that The anointed can not possibly be the generation, as wt describes them in their defining illustrations now. of course the bible is not all the truth anyway, It has some truth in it, but it is fabulous stories for children ranked best with the brothers grimm, a grimm fact parishioners, the R&F will not face up to.

    do you understand the details why i say that? about he groups in the generation, past 2075?

    P.S. one way to get some JWs to loosen up on the wtBtS.inc gripis to show that the doctrines are BOGUS

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    prologos, can you please P.M. regarding the generation past 2075?

    You have a P.M.

  • Vidiot

    I say they should just amalgamate all the previous definitions into one...


    ..."the overlapping wicked generation that saw the beginning of the end of the invisible events of 1914 to 1975"...

  • prologos

    Vidiot. great idea, because the whole generation idea that wt has generated clearly belongs into the 'humour' section.

    Seeing whether a "generation" theory really fits the picture as claimed by wt writers is easy, when one looks at what the bible says about it; It has to survive Armageddon but ultimately die. so, a now living, latter day Methuselah even without the help of the ransom would only need a ~ 40 year overlap to make the lake of fire.

    To make the anointed fit the bill, the wt geniuses only have to bring back the old idea of the anointed class surviving Armageddon and get paradise supervised and kickstarted. May be D.Splaine would get a kick out of that idea.

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