Thoughts on a WT Reformation

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    There are plenty of reformed JW religions around, they just aren’t as obvious as they are very mainstream Christian, don’t go door-to-door, don’t have blood transfusion prohibitions etc.

    But check out:

    - International, Free & Associated Bible Students

    - Laodicean Home Missionary Movement

    - Bible Standard Ministries

    - Epiphany Bible Students Association

    - Pastoral Bible Institute

    - Dawn Bible Students Association

    - Independent Bible Students

    - Church of the Kingdom of God

    Note that CT Russell’s financial success also ‘inspired’ many others in his day to make similar religions with similar and sometimes even outright plagiarized the Bible Student movement although going in different directions and off course, the whole Millerite movement that CT Russell himself sprung off preceded and is very similar in eschatology to the JW (Adventists, Christadelphians, Ba’hai, Church of God …)

  • Leathercrop


    I knew both men. Ed Dunlap was my primarily school instructor when I was at Bethel from 1970-1974.

    So to answer your question after your long talk/walk memory lane and after being a Jehovah's Witness for over 50 years I have your answer to ...

    "Imagine what the cult would look like today had the Society worked itself out of its self-insularity by following Ray Franz vs Fred Franz in 1980/81."

    It would still look like a CULT! Just a mutated one. With thousands of suicides, pedophiles and wrongful deaths that would still not have been prevented! They would still be blood guilty! Even if they did everything Ray and Ed said.

    Keith Casarona


    Lmao, this was funny.

    I imagine it must be pretty difficult to get kicked out of a group that exists almost entirely as a "suggestion" of belief/philosophy/theology. What it sounds like is that Ray's opinion of himself and of his interpretations were far higher than anyone else's, and in classic narcissistic behavior he failed to see that it was him versus everyone else in that room. I imagine a watchtower under Ray would probably been even more controlling and dogmatic aka worse.

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