How much in total do you think the W.T.S has payed out in child abuse cases??

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  • karter
    They have settled A lot out of court with gagging orders both ways so we will never know how much was payed out there.but some have been made public. Any ideas how much in total?. Karter
  • jp1692

    A lot. But not enough.

  • Finkelstein

    Its in the millions now and probably will go much higher as more law suits are being drawn up.

    The court situation in California maybe the start of things in the US.

  • NewYork44M

    Perhaps someone can enumerate the "known" payouts and estimate the payouts that are unpublished.

  • zeb

    finkelstein; There have been cases in US. The Conti case being one. There was a case in Canada where the family said they didn't want money but an apology. Because the wt refused to apologize the award was not forthcoming so they are left with a huge legal bill.

    I am waiting for the final report of the ARC and how it will go. No doubts the gb etc will have their dis-information system already in place.

  • lettersfromthevoid

    21 mil - Candace Conti

    13 mil - the case in San Diego for starters

  • lettersfromthevoid

    Delaware case was a couple million

  • lettersfromthevoid

    There was a case in Texas where there was a gag order put on the child and one in Florida. An overachiever could make a website with all this info.

  • scratchme1010
    How much in total do you think the W.T.S has payed out in child abuse cases??

    Not enough.

  • truthlover123

    Well latest is that WTBTS is paying $4000.00 a day in California for not turning over records in a sexual abuse case - this has gone on now for a few years so a huge amount is being pulled from the congregants pockets to pay for this ONE trial - it is court records


    Trey Goudy has started a class action against Canadian WTBTS as of last month along with one in U S - people still coming forward

    Goudy's is also on court records so it is NOT media fake news. Just google The Watchtower...

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