Mixed households and worldly Witnesses

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    Randy Watters

    Long time no talk to. I first contacted you about 10 years ago when I lived in WV. MY wife has been a JW since 1981 and yes our kid's have been mentally abused into conforming to her beliefs. Our oldest son will soon be 20. Brilliant young man, Not just a fathers bragging either. He got 1420 on his SAT. Thank goodness "God" changed his mind in 1992 and decided it was okay for his "chosen ones" to attend college. Though my son does attend a local community college full time, he keeps "pioneer" hours to please the Elders. He was baptized in June of his Senior year in HS. He graduated 12th in his class of 300+. His graduation party was attended by one other student, a Witness of course, and a lot of Witness adults. How terribly sad. He has such a great personality, and not being able to share it with his peer's. He has virtually no friends outside the religion. How terribly, terribly sad. My next oldest is in 11th grade. She attends WT meeting's regularly. I am sure she will be baptized in her senior year in HS also. The youngest, a ninth grader, hasn't shown much interest in the religion. Doesn't attend meetings, etc. He is learning real fast that "special" rules exists when the opportunity to honor the WT presents itself. A situation last week provides an excellent example. He was grounded all week for sassing a teacher at school. No phone, no after school activities, no mall, no computer for a week. His best friends parents called and wanted to take him to supper with them one evening after school. His mother wouldn't allow it, "he is suppose to be grounded" was her answer. The very next day (curfew supposedly still in affect) a witness family called and wanted to take all the kid's to supper. Of course, no questions asked, he could go to that. When he got home, curfew back into affect. He is learning that pleasing mom and her Witness friends fetches him special privileges. All things are set aside, even discipline, when an opportunity to show honor to the WT or it's people presents itself.

    I'll bet you have heard dozens of stories like this. There is little I can do about it. I tried applying a little weight, speaking out and such a few years back, and my wife pulled the ultimate. She went to the police station and filed an abuse grievance against me. Claimed I got drunk and spit on her. Mental abuse charges are a common technique employed by witness's against spouse's who tell their children the truth about the WT. But mental abuse accusations are not a strong case in Virginia. But spitting on a person is Assault and Battery in this state and you don't have to have any marks (brusies, etc) to support the claim. I was arrested and we went to trial. Needless to say it was my word against her's and the woman is always shown the benefit of the doubt. I was ordered to attend an anger management class, substance abuse testing, and I was to check-in with the county abuse worker (for lack of a better title) once a month for a year. The anger management class sucked as I had to attend it with some real low life's. The substance abuse testing/counseling revealed I had absolutely no substance problems whatsoever. The counselor requested of the Judge to re-look at this case as something was obviously wrong. After one "check-in" with the county abuse counselor and she heard my wife was a JW, surprisingly I didn't ever have to check back in again. Evidently she had encountered JW's previously. After the judge received all the reports back from the investigators/counselors he tossed out the verdict! My wife concocted the whole thing just to show me the power she had by manipulating the current laws. The wife told me she was glad I beat it but the next time she had to resort to such a maneuver she would make sure she had witness's!! I am sure she can find sisters at the Hall that would do her bidding. Lying under oath is absolutely no problem to a Witness.

    I kind of stand back and make subtle suggestions to the kid's now. Witness's will resort to any evil necessary to stifle the truth. What a really filthy religion. Does it have any redeeming value whatsoever?

    Also, all the witness I know have joined the Mormon's in selling a product called Tahitian Noni juice. That's right, the Witness's and the Mormon's. WOW. Together in multilevel (pyramid) marketing of a "miracle cure-all". I remember a time when the witnesses took great pride in stating how "non-worldly" they were. Can it get anymore worldly than doing multilevel marketing with maybe the nations most capitalistic/worldly/conservative/pro America religious organization, the Mormons! I remember when a Witness's despise of the Mormon's could only be compared to their despise of the Catholic's. I have seen my wife laugh Mormon's off our property when they showed up at our door during their service endeavors. Now they all get together in Orem, Utah at Morinda world headquarters for sales convention's, etc. I would love to see one of those convention's. I wonder if the Mormon's start the convention with a Pledge of Allegiance or by playing the National Anthem just to drive the Witness's crazy. A couple Mormon's own the corporation, therefore, the Witness's are working for them. Helping them finance the Mormon religion. HA, HA, HA.

    My how times change.

    Keep the truth coming. The WT organization just continues to get more and more evil.


    Net Soup!


  • daryl

    It actually feel's like a weight off my shoulders to read this. I really needed to share this with someone. What a battle I have fought for truth and accuracy. I feel battered and watch my children hauled off to meetings and I just sigh out loud any more. Gotta get them raised and on their own though. No stopping now. This is no time to think of myself. Others come first as they should. But a time will come when I am gonna party hardy again.


  • PurpleV

    Thanks for posting this Randy.

    I think a lot of people needed to read this.



    Valerie from NYC

  • Yerusalyim

    All I can say is Geez, where was the backbone in this guy. No way in heaven or on earth my kids would be raised as Witnesses, and I would have put my foot down with wifey for wanting to excuse the punishment just because it was a JW family asking. To whomever wrote this, GET A GRIP, GROW A PAIR...is that insensitive of me?

  • rajah

    Our mixed house is of a different kind. My husbands' ex-wife recently met a JW on the internet and married him 6 months later. Since this time we have endured endless lies and manipulation. The children are taken to Kingdom Halls every other weekend and have completely rejected the religion of JW's. In fact they have chosen to live with us full time due to the rigorous life of a Witness and the past abuse of their mother. This past year the ex-wife accused my husband of child abuse and took it to the fullest extent of the law. We lost custody of both children (even though only 1 child was in question over a spanking) The spanking left a small finger imprint on the side of her butt. We ended up with a restraining order, supervised visititaion and were 4 days away from a jury trial when the pictures taken in the Emergency Room revealed no bruising. During this time, she jacked with us every chance she could get. She even pulled them out of their schools and sent them to another school 30 miles away without telling us. This only lasted 3 days, until a court order put them back in their old school. It took 10 months to get the lawyers and courts behind us. Along with $17,000. She claims to be a good JW and was even baptized a year and a half ago. Is this how good JW's act? By lying to the courts, CPS, and the schools to get their children away from their non-believeing father? At the end of this saga and after $5,000 with a court pschcologist (who deemed the ex-wife unfit due to all of her child abuse in the past) we now have full custody and the kids are thriving!

  • starScream


    I hate your wife. Lying under oath to to get what you want by punishing someone else is one of the highest crimes possible. It is playing God, but also and evil God. It is playing Satan. JWs love to play Satan and the irony is they think they are RIGHT for doing it.

  • Gamaliel


    That was a great letter. He sounds sincere and his side of the "assault" story is believable. Too bad he does sound like a bit of a whiner. He's giving a lot of power to the JW wife. He'll just keep losing if he doesn't try a bit harder.

    Since he asked about "any redeeming JW qualities" perhaps he's ready for some witnessing of his own. A father has a right to speak in his home doesn't he? If I were him, I'd say that the kids can study all they want and be baptized as long as I, the Dad, have a chance to study 1 hour a week with them. He should take poignant ideas from the Internet that use JWs own books to debunk themselves. He should preface his study with: "If I'm doing the right thing by studying with you, then I should expect persecution for doing this, right? Even if that persecution comes from one of Jehovah's Witnesses (pre-implicating their mother), we shouldn't give up, right?" Turn the tables before it's too late!


  • PurpleV


    They don't think it is lying. They call it 'theocratic warfare' and believe all is fair in the process of training new slaves salespeople for the publishing company.

    Thank God you got the kids. You've saved them much misery... sorry it cost so much but I'd say it's worth every penny.

  • dgp


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