Who or what are these so called extra terrestials?

by heyfea 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • SYN

    Extraterrestrials? BOLLOCKS! (Seems this thread is heading in that direction...)

    Honestly, do people really think there are little green men flying about in silver saucers? What a joke! If you're going to believe in that, in the words of Pink Floyd, you might as well go all the way and believe in God too while you're at it!

    The whole "ET" thing is really just a story that plays on the amazing ability of humans to anthropomorphisize what they consider "evil". While everyone is convinced there are little aliens running about, and the government denies it (which means it must be true, right?) the real issues and the real "invaders" are enjoying unprecedented secrecy.

    It's called WAG THE DOG, people, WAG THE DOG.

  • Kenneson

    The Raelians are coming! The Raelians are coming! And they're all cloned!

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