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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    so if these people havent got the internet--have they got electricity ?

  • Listener
    Anonymous - @listener: then why do they lie about the cost and not simply say the program costs are $$...

    I'm with you about what you said.

    I couldn't understand whether you were saying that they were paying for them or not.

    No doubt the congregations that receive these feel guilted into donating money back to the Watchtower, especially when they put a dollar figure to it. And, as you point out, those figures have been inflated.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    They are paying for them. That is how the WTBTS works, the congregation is told what it costs and must raise that amount of money, then that goes towards the World Wide Work and is earmarked so the branch knows what they ‘purchased’. If you cannot or do not raise the amount of money, then you don’t get the equipment. And that is true for everything, the projectors/TV, the audio equipment, chairs, lecterns and table on the stage, they all have a price tag, you want it, there is a price list. Even the publications had a price tag, despite the donation, internally they handle a price list which must come from donation, if you didn’t provide the money (I was in a poor black inner city congregation, donations to the WWW averaged $1000/month for 120 publishers), your literature counter would be frequently out of stock for things like bibles, while you could go to another congregation and find they got boxes with the stuff every month.

    Again, I have seen the accounting, I was doing it and this was part of my awakening, the previous brother that did the job had also left “for apostasy” and so was my assistant recently reinstated after he had been running accounts before that (I assume he came back for his family). If you ever want to wake up honest hearted people, make them do accounts at the Kingdom Hall, RBC or Conventions - the last one was what gave me the most evidence, I personally oversaw the second day after lunch counting money session (this was still 3 day conventions) and we counted over $10,000, a quick deduction is that you collected more than $15-20k at that point. Day 3 they told us we had collected $8000 and were short, the CO then sent a ‘bill’ to the congregation for the expenses through the elders.

  • FedUpJW
    so if these people haven't got the internet--have they got electricity ?

    They don't need electricity, like the rest of us mere mortals do. They have "holy spirit" magically powering the jw box.

  • ThomasMore

    Anonymous - You are SPOT ON!!!!!

    If you ever want to wake up honest hearted people, make them do accounts at the Kingdom Hall, RBC or Conventions - the last one was what gave me the most evidence,”

    I concur 100%

  • NotFormer

    So, they habitually lie about the financial situation to get more donations? That doctrine they have: the one where they don't need to tell the truth to those who don't deserve it. Does this mean that they classify the faithful R&F as being among those who don't deserve the truth?

    It's been speculated on other threads that the leadership are just laughing at the plebs. It's sad that the R&F place such trust in such untrustworthy leadership.

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