Bryant family memorial

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  • Mulan

    My mother's cousin sent this to me, from their local newspaper. Mom would have a fit, if she knew he sent it to me.

  • blondie
  • Mulan

    Well..............the pictures don't show up, Simon. Is there a new way to post them?

    This was a newspaper article about a memorial at Sharon Roe's (sister of Janet Bryant) house today, March 2, for the Bryant family who died a year ago, in a murder-suicide in Oregon. The family were JW's, who were shunned.

  • LB

    Blondie got it to work for you. Interesting little blurb. Hits on the shunning.

  • garybuss

    blondie , How did you get the picture to work? I can't get them to work either. Thanks, gary

  • blondie

    Right click over the picture, figure, etc.

    Select copy

    Go to spot you want picture, figure, etc.

    Right click and select paste

    That's it.

    Blondie (I'm surprised it works too, I'm working in the dark)

  • garybuss

    Blondie, I have been trying to use the "insert picture from web link" tool and I can't get it to work. Thanks! gary

  • LyinEyes

    Mulan, I think that is very important to get the message in the papers about this terrible epidemic of loss of life due to the ignorant WT rules.

    I hope that many of the JW's who read this have their eyes opened when they read it time and time again, about this and about the child abuse. The more they see it , the more they can not deny that it is NOT isolated events. The tip of the iceburg is just beginning to show, more and more people are breaking the silence and fear , and speaking out about what is really going on behind the JW scenes.

    Maybe when more JW's see this , they will see that we hope that for their sake , they also get free from the chains of the WT,,,,,,,, it is not them we hate , as a whole, but the WT, the ones who are running the show, making all the rules , tearing families apart by the misapplication of Bible principles. The WT , setting itself up as judge, and God's spokesman is causing so much suffering. Hopefully more R&F jw's will see this,,,,,,,and they will be looking for signs of distress in their brothers and sisters, and they can help each other,,,,,,,,because there will be no help or compassion from the WT. I truly feel sorry for the average publisher in the JW's right now, I was one for most of my life and it was miserable.I still love many of them, even if they shun me. I just shake my head in shame of what the name JW's is being connected with now,,,,,,,,,it makes me feel very foolish for being one. It is something I am glad I am no longer part of and wish that I could convince all those stuck in it , to get the heck out.

  • eisenstein

    Thank You Mulan for sharing this with us,

    It makes me cringe to read the notice. It really brings it home to me and makes me realize my decision to leave is a good one. There are actually days I have doubts that I am not doing the right thing...but this is so shocking and just goes to show how lives are literally destroyed over the WT's unscriptural rules.

    Thank You too Blondie for the pic posting tips!!!

  • mattnoel

    Thanks Mulan !

    Shows that we were part of a cult dont it !

    Shame this poor family had to lose their lives because of it !

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