August WT: DF'ing renamed "Removed." AKA: GB re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

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  • WingCommander

    So: The mystery has been clarified as to more "New Light" / clarifications of decades old doctrine and procedure.

    August WatchTower has finally been leaked.

    Disfellowshipping? Out the door! Well, not really. It's merely been renamed to simply "Removed from the Congregation."

    So now "adherents" (no longer referred to as Members due to legal reasons) can now simply be "removed from the Congregation", the same way people who pay to belong to a gym can be removed from the membership ranks due to some club policy infringement. Oh can still nod and smile to them and say "Hi" occasionally, but you're not going to have a drink at the club bar and play pickleball with them anymore. They are persona non grata!

    Barbara Anderson famously made the proclamation years ago that the Legal Dept are truly the ones at the helm of WatchTower HQ. Well now, we've got the confirmation. Anyone doubting at all that this was 1000% directly because of the Norway (and other subsequent decisions around the world against WT) verdict, needs to have their heads examined. WT Legal must be shitting themselves and hemorrhaging money something awful to make such a drastic course correction such as this at such speed.

    But really, this isn't exactly a course correction. It's a shell game. They're not really addressing the very actions that have caused several governments and agencies to rule against them and their Human Rights Violations. Nope! Not at all. They are merely attempting to disguise what it is exactly that they are doing, which is basically destroying families under the guise of disciplinary "Christian Love."

    Disfellowshipping = Ex-communication.

    The Amish and several other cults do the same. Fall in line and do as they say, (and keep your big mouth shut) or else loose your family and friends forever. It's emotional and spiritual blackmail. Holding a gun to your head and stating that "You have free will to leave any time you want, but you loose your family if you don't decide the way we tell you," is NOT free will at all! It's forced compliance thru threats which they WILL follow thru with. Hence, human rights violations.

    Will WatchTower HQ address this disgusting practice and eliminate? Hellllll nawwwww! Instead, these slimy lawyers will simply rename this abuse and claim it's just removing bad apples from the bunch.

    In short, this is the GB (lol, who we kidding? The Legal Dept up there) the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I wonder, who exactly do they think they are fooling with this stunt? Governments run by well-educated types who know how to research and interview former members?

    Hey WT Legal: Get a clue! People are voting with their feet, and with their wallets. One look at the recent Convention photos from venues shows just how badly you're bleeding members due to your BS policies! The "2 Witness Rule", Disfellowshipping....errrr......"Removing" charitable works to help the flock......stupid dumbass video and dramas.... What a sick joke your cult has become! Any wonder why the youth are leaving in droves?

  • Ding

    "Removed" = no longer exist

  • WingCommander

    It's like Scientology: "Remove" the "Suppressive Person" from your membership ranks. Now, treat them as dead, shun them, and make their life hell......all in the name of "love."

    These cults repeatedly shoot their members in the heads, then stand around scratching their heads and scratching their asses, then exclaim, "Gee, why can't we find any more new members?"

    Big mystery fellows! lol

    For anyone interested reading these posts be advised: All cult experts agree: Cults shoot their wounded! There is NO honourable way to leave a cult. You are shamed, guilt-tripped, treated as dead, slandered, etc.

    "The difference between a legitimate religion and a cult, is was happens when you attempt to leave one."

    - Mike Rinder, former Scientologist

  • Phizzy

    It is purely motivated by $$$ this move, they hope to obfuscate what their Shunning and Disfellowshipping Policies and Practice REALLY are by re-labelling them for when they are challenged in Courts.

    They used to get away with this in the Past, but now with quality Witnesses testifying under Oath about these egregious practices, the Courts will be able to easily see that those things deny basic Human Rights to J.W's and ex-J.W's. And no doubt contravene Rights under many national Laws.

    With any move the Org. makes, always follow the $$$.

  • WingCommander

    @Phizzy: Spot on!

    Any "adjustments in doctrine" from here on out are purely RE-active, not PRO-active! And most certainly all about da money!!!! It's so easy to see these grifters are nothing more the slimy money-grubbing Pharisees and False Prophets!

  • Vidiot
    WingCommander - “…really, this isn't exactly a course correction. It's a shell game…”

    And not even a particularly good one…

    …if they think any secular authority with half a brain is fooled, they’re naive.

    WingCommander - “…Barbara Anderson famously made the proclamation years ago that the Legal Dept are truly the ones at the helm of WatchTower HQ…”

    Know what’s really ironic?

    Having lawyers trying to “reform” a religion who’s present-day form was - for all intents and purposes - forged by a lawyer.


  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    WT theology has always been a shell game of symbolic interpretation. They are just expanding the grift to include policy as well.

    The question is whether or not educated lawmakers will continue to waste taxpayer money on the scam. Or, will they see that the suicides, mental health costs, addiction recovery costs and lost income from formerly productive citizens are not likely to change?

    Court Sees Through Support-Paying Spouse's Shell Game - FamilyLLB

  • WingCommander

    Just an FYI: Link to ex-JW Reddit forum topic thread, now with replies in the hundreds!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The titanic has no rudder

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    So disfellowshipped = removed = shunned. The problem is shunning what ever name it goes under.

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