A Few Days Away.

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  • Englishman

    Hi Everyone,

    Just reporting back after a few days away with Her Ladyship.

    We've been swanning around the Derbyshire Dales having great fun going to so-far un-visited places. 2 places that stick out as being really interesting was this working tram museum at Crich where we indulged in a spot of nostalgia for days gone by:

    This next place has to be the coldest place in England at this time of year. It's a peak well out in the wilds called "Mam Tor", and whilst not a particularly difficult climb, it was as windy as hell but also absolutely freezing. We made it in the end, but it was also wreathed in mist which spoiled what is meant to be a stunning view from the top.

    One place that I always wanted to visit is Chatsworth House as it's one of the finest examples of stately homes to be found in the UK. Unfortunately it doesn't open until April, so we had to content ourselves with it's beautiful outdoor appearance, this is what we saw:

    We came home this afternoon, tired but happy from a very enjoyable break.


  • Soledad

    thanks so much for sharing those pictures! I hope one day to visit your country (and all others too)

  • Simon

    Chatsworth house ... just like yer regular salford mid terrace !

    Glad you enjoyed you trip to colder, wetter climates

  • Shakita

    Great pictures, Englishman!

    Mr. Shakita and I look forward to the day when we don't have to work as much and get to go away on little excursions like you guys!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Shutterbug

    The only thing wrong with the shot of the Chatsworth House is, I didn't take it. Your sharing these photos is really appreciated. Bug

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    That's odd... I visited the British Isles last year and I have the exact same pictures on POSTCARDS. .. hmmmmm

    (just pulling your leg, cause I'm jealous... cool pix...glad you had a great time).

  • ScoobySnax

    Nice......but to get hot, would rather be spending time laying on some beach getting a wicked tan in the greek islands somewhere!! of course as an english-man looks lovely .....lol...wheres my holiday brochures¬!!

  • ozziepost

    Welcome home, Eman and HL!

    Beautiful shots those. That historic house seemed familiar - was it used for a TV series?

    And the best of all - a tram! I felt like being back in Holland, except theirs are single deckers.

    My most favourite is a trolley bus. Remember those? Now did you catch up with all the news? There's the 5-0 result, and Harry wants to sign DiCanio. How about that, eh?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • qwerty

    Hi Eman

    Not far from where I live, we go to Chatsworth quite alot in the summer.

    I could have met up with you both.


  • qwerty

    Some I took at Chatsworth House.............

    Qwerty.............The weather was a bit warmer than when you went Eman.

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