"Human Shields" Leave Iraq, Miss Out On Darwin Award

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  • SYN

    Human shield Britons quit Baghdad
    By Charlotte Edwardes in Baghdad
    (Filed: 02/03/2003)

    Almost all of the first British "human shields" to go to Iraq were on their way home last night after deciding that their much-heralded task was now too dangerous.

    Godfrey Meynell [centre] with other human shields at Baghdad South power station

    Two red double-decker buses, which symbolised the hopes of anti-war activists when they arrived to a fanfare of publicity a fortnight ago, slipped quietly out of Baghdad on the long journey back to Britain.

    Nine of the original 11 activists decided to pull out after being given an ultimatum by Iraqi officials to station themselves at targets likely to be bombed in a war or leave the country. Among those departing last night was 68-year-old Godfrey Meynell, a former High Sheriff of Derbyshire, who admitted that he was leaving out of "cold fear". He had been summoned, along with 200 other shields from all over the world, to a meeting at a Baghdad hotel yesterday morning.

    Abdul Hashimi, the head of the Friendship, Peace and Solidarity organisation that is hosting the protesters, told the shields to choose between nine so-called "strategic sites" by today or quit the country.

    The Iraqi warning follows frustration among Saddam Hussein's officials that only about 65 of the shields had so far agreed to take up positions at the oil refineries, power plants and water-purification sites selected by their hosts.

    It heightened fears among some peace activists that they could be stationed at non-civilian sites. Mr Meynell and fellow protesters who moved into the power station in south Baghdad last weekend were dismayed to find it stood immediately next to an army base and the strategically crucial main road south to Basra. Iraqi officials said there was little point in guarding what they considered to be low-risk targets.

    Iraq's decision to force the pace was welcomed by some of the 20 Britons remaining in Baghdad. "It's only fair," said Uzma Bashir, 32, a college lecturer who is one of the team leaders.

    "We've come here as shields to defend sites and now the Iraqis are asking us to make our choice."

    28 February 2003: Pope urged to act as human shield
    24 February 2003: Human shields take up position under the gaze of the dictator
    16 February 2003: Kisses greet us at last in Baghdad
    15 February 2003: Dog joins human shields in Iraq

    POPE urged to act as human shield? LOL![SYN], Pope-Lover Class.

  • cruzanheart

    Hmmm, they look more like soccer fans to me.


  • teenyuck

    I saw this on the news this morning. The reporter was almost laughing.

    So much for convictions..

  • Satanus

    Why did they go in the first place, if they weren't ready to die??? SS

  • COMF

    "Oh... wait... you thought we were SERIOUS? I'm sorry, there's been a grave misunderstanding..."

  • DakotaRed

    Upon leaving, I hope they all hook arms and sing Kumbaya on the way out.

    What ingratitude from Iraqi Officials. All the want is to give peace a chance, lol. Sheesh.

  • Stephanus

    Personally, I'm glad. I actually know one of those silly buggers:


    I admire Christiaan's preparedness to die for a just cause, but he seems to have weasled out of it here: "but only when I knew I had a chance of effecting change".

    I promised Christiaan a beer when next our paths cross and I aim to keep that promise - it seems he wants to hold me to it too...

  • Simon

    What complete and utter twits.

    There was a woman on the radio being interviewed before she left (young) and you coudl tell she had no idea about the situation whatsoever. She didn't even want to talk about certain aspects of the USA / Iraq issue which seemed a bit wierd considering she was all against it.

    When asked if it was something she felt strong enough about to give her life for she seemed genuinely surprised saying "what do you mean?"

    Maybe they didn't quite grasp the concept of 'human shield'.

  • Stephanus

    They've done endless damage for their own cause. They look both naive ("You mean I might have to die doing this??") and insincere ("I, er, ran out of money and have to go home!") - they therefore look like the "useful idiots" for Saddam that the pro-war faction has been accusing them of being.

    I'm just glad that the words "human shield" and "hostage" didn't end up being interchangeable - something I've been predicting.

  • ashitaka
    What complete and utter twits.

    Yup. That article is better than a comedy sketch. LOL.

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