Is the Organization really free from racism?

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  • waiting

    Well, okey dokey, I'll just put my southern butt in this itchy conversation.

    Of course racism occurs - it occurs in real life also - so it's no big secret it would be in the congregations wherever races mix/don't mix.

    I'm originally from Indianapolis - biggggg headquarters for the KKK. In our local KH, we had one black family (and they were really nice.) However, in the next KH, it was almost all black - and they finally reassigned a white elder there to try to get more whites to go there. I don't remember them bringing a black elder to the predominately white hall, however.

    One Sunday I heard a talk about appreciating our children at my home cong. presented by white speaker, rather dry, but that's what I was used to. About a month later, missed my meeting - went to the predominately black hall - heard the same talk. Man! The difference, the enthusiasm, people actually laughed during the talk, was great! That's just a side comment btw. It was the first time I realized that warmth could vary so much from cong. to cong.

    Anyway, moved to South Carolina. In our area, for the extreme most part - lousy speakers, black or white. Our cong. was 80/20 black/white - as are most cong. here at this time. Our elders are the same percentage - but they all "yessir" to the old white PO.

    Sisters? Black & white are second class, and the black sisters are considered lower, imho, for the most part. If they don't stick up for themselves, they will be ignored, even run over. Spanish about the same situation.

    However, the KKK doesn't seem as strong down here.

    Btw, a truism at least until the 80's. In many small towns in Indiana, there were no blacks. In a small town outside Indpls., a black school janitor was hired, by the time he moved there with his family, his house was burned down. Obviously, he didn't stay. A woman who lived in this small town told me of the incident.

    In South Carolina, small towns tend to be about 80/20 black/white.
    I've never understood the different attitudes.

    waiting - been in the South for 20 years now.

  • crossroads

    Quote"most ferocious racists I've ever seen." Did these
    black brothers tar and feather anyone-castrate anybody
    and throw gas on the wounds and set the man on fire.
    Hang a well meaning young white man for LOOKING at
    a pretty black woman. Please give it a rest. Hey have you
    "seen my old friend bobby" well I have "I saw him walking
    up over the hill, with Abraham, MARTIN, and John." The part
    after armagaden might be a reaction too that direct pipeline
    that the org. has with the almighty. Probably had a hard time
    figuring out why it took the org. 5years after Dr. Kings death
    to do anything. Especially knowing that King had been
    preaching it for twenty years prior to his death. Yes
    direct pipeline no Newsweek-Time-NY Times-I guess
    the brothers didn't realize that this pipeline gets stopped
    up all the time.

  • CornerStone

    Hello DA,

    No, I'm not Dodger. I was CornerStone on the old H20 and CornerStone5 on the new H20. Same guy. By the way, thanks for the compliments.


  • HesterPryne

    Just wanted to say hello from the Hoosier State. I'm in one of the 'little' towns you mentioned. 30 miles south of Ft. Wayne. I think Indiana is Mecca to

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