Art School JWs?

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  • larc


    I read their first article back in 1986, where they begudgingly andmitted that some college would be OK. They emphasized two year vocationally oriented programs. So, through the process of elmination, I would say that anything that was not related to a technical-practical training would be frowned upon. Areas like computer science, chemistry, etc would be alright. Subjects like art, psychology etc. would be too worldly. That's how I interprete them.

  • waiting


    I would agree with you. My son went to a nearby university (stayed on campus). The official view was that it was a personal choice. But several brothers strongly told me that he was wrong, and that by his choice of learning - he was out "to make a name for himself."

    In other words, something you could make money at - ok. Something you could make money at and get a reputation for achievment - no.

    I never had the disapproval problem with sisters, however. Brothers seemed to be quite vocal with their official opinion - no matter what the society actually wrote - we were "supposed" to know what to really do.

    What a crock.


  • LDH

    You all are WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!

    The WTBS encourages ALL art students! Who else do you think paints those tacky pictures on the entry ways of Assembly halls, ha ha.

    (I'm thinking of Henrietta NY in particular)

    And all of the 'bee-yoo-tee-full' illustrations in the magazines?

    You're just jealous!

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