Theocratically Appointed "servants"

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  • zev

    well i got me a copy of the new wt 2001 cd rom, and started looking at it and learning how to use it.

    this was the very first thing i stumbled across, which was a thing that always bothered me. those of you who saw me and watched my phases as i left will remember that this topic was a major issue for me.

    here is the article, in part:

    *** w01 1/15 p. 12 Overseers and Ministerial Servants Theocratically Appointed ***

    Theocratic—Not Democratic—Appointment

    5 Mature oversight by qualified overseers and the able assistance of ministerial servants are required to care for the spiritual needs of the growing number of active ministers. (Philippians 1:1) How are such spiritual men appointed? Not by methods like those employed in Christendom. For instance, Christian overseers are not elected democratically, that is, by receiving the votes of the majority of the people associated with a congregation . Instead, these appointments are made theocratically. What does that mean?

    6 Simply stated, a true theocracy is rule by God. Witnesses of Jehovah voluntarily submit to his rulership and cooperate together in order to do the divine will. (Psalm 143:10; Matthew 6:9, 10 ) Appointments of Christian overseers, or elders, and ministerial servants are theocratic because the process of recommending and appointing such responsible men is carried out according to God’s arrangement as set out in the Holy Scriptures. And as the “head over all,” Jehovah of course has the right to determine how his visible organization will operate .—1 Chronicles 29:11; Psalm 97:9.

    7 In contrast with many religious groups in Christendom, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not decide for themselves the form of spiritual government under which they operate. These sincere Christians endeavor to stick to Jehovah’s standards. Overseers among them are not put into office by some congregational, hierarchical, or presbyterian form of church government. If elements of the world seek to interfere with these appointments, Jehovah’s people refuse to compromise. Steadfastly, they maintain the position so well expressed by the apostles in the first century when they said: “We must obey God as ruler rather than men.” (Acts 5:29) Thus, the Witnesses subject themselves to God in all things. (Hebrews 12:9; James 4:7) Following theocratic procedure brings divine approval.

    8 As servants of the Great Theocrat, Jehovah, we do well to bear in mind the differences between democratic and theocratic procedures. Democratic processes call for equal representation and are often characterized by campaigning for office and election by majority vote. Such procedures are not involved in theocratic appointments. These do not come from men; nor do they proceed from some legal entity. Apparently alluding to his own appointment by Jesus and Jehovah as “an apostle to the nations,” Paul told the Galatians that he had been appointed “neither from men nor through a man, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised him up from the dead.”—Romans 11:13; Galatians 1:1.

    Appointed by Holy Spirit

    9 Paul reminded overseers living in Ephesus that they had been appointed by God through holy spirit. He said: “Pay attention to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the holy spirit has appointed you overseers, to shepherd the congregation of God, which he purchased with the blood of his own Son.” (Acts 20:28) Those Christian overseers needed to continue to be led by holy spirit as they carried out their duties as shepherds of the flock of God. If a man who occupied an appointed office no longer met the divine standard, in time holy spirit would operate to remove him from his position.

    10 How is it that the holy spirit plays a pivotal role? First of all, the record that sets out requirements for spiritual oversight was inspired by holy spirit. In his letters to Timothy and Titus, Paul outlined the standards to be met by overseers and ministerial servants. Altogether, he mentioned some 16 different requirements. For instance, overseers were to be irreprehensible, moderate in habits, sound in mind, orderly, hospitable, qualified to teach, and exemplary as family heads. They were to be balanced in the use of alcoholic beverages, were not to be lovers of money, and were to exercise self-control. Similarly, high standards were set for men reaching out for appointment as ministerial servants.—1 Timothy 3:1-10, 12, 13; Titus 1:5-9.

    11 A review of these qualifications shows that those who take the lead in Jehovah’s worship must be exemplary in Christian conduct. Men who reach out for congregational responsibility must give evidence that holy spirit is operating on them. (2 Timothy 1:14) It must be evident that God’s spirit is producing in these men the fruitage of “love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control.” (Galatians 5:22, 23) Such fruitage would be manifested in their dealings with fellow believers and others. Of course, some may excel in displaying certain fruits of the spirit, while others may meet other qualifications for overseers to a superior degree. In their overall pattern of life, however, all who hope to be appointed as overseers or ministerial servants should demonstrate that they are spiritual men, measuring up to the requirements of God’s Word.

    12 When Paul exhorted others to become imitators of him, he could do so with freeness of speech because he himself was imitating Jesus Christ, who ‘left us a model for us to follow his steps closely.’ (1 Peter 2:21; 1 Corinthians 11:1) Those meeting the Scriptural requirements at the time of their appointment as overseers or ministerial servants may thus be said to have been appointed by holy spirit.

    13 There is another factor that indicates how the holy spirit operates in the recommendation and appointment of overseers. Jesus said that ‘the Father in heaven gives holy spirit to those asking him.’ (Luke 11:13) So when the elders in the local congregation meet to recommend men for congregational responsibility, they pray for God’s spirit to guide them. They base their recommendations on what is stated in God’s inspired Word, and holy spirit enables them to discern whether an individual being considered for appointment meets the Scriptural requirements. Those making the recommendations are not to be unduly influenced by outward appearance, educational attainments, or natural abilities. Their primary focus must be on whether the person is a spiritual man, one whom members of the congregation would not hesitate to approach for spiritual counsel.

    14 While bodies of elders share with traveling overseers in recommending brothers to serve as elders and ministerial servants, the actual appointments are made according to the pattern set in the first century. On one occasion, a need arose for spiritually qualified men to care for an important assignment. The governing body gave the following direction: “Search out for yourselves seven certified men from among you, full of spirit and wisdom, that we may appoint them over this necessary business.” (Acts 6:1-3) While men on the scene made the recommendations, the appointments were made by responsible men there in Jerusalem. A similar pattern is followed today.

    15 The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses directly appoints all members of Branch Committees. When deciding who can assume such a weighty responsibility, the Governing Body has in mind Jesus’ statement : “Everyone to whom much was given, much will be demanded of him; and the one whom people put in charge of much, they will demand more than usual of him. ” (Luke 12:48) In addition to appointing Branch Committee members, the Governing Body appoints Bethel elders and traveling overseers. However, they do commission responsible brothers to act for them in making certain other appointments. There is Scriptural precedent also for this.

    ‘Make Appointments, as I Gave You Orders’

    16 Paul told his coworker Titus: “For this reason I left you in Crete, that you might correct the things that were defective and might make appointments of older men in city after city, as I gave you orders.” (Titus 1:5) Paul then outlined the qualifications that Titus was to look for in men who would qualify for such appointments. Today, therefore, the Governing Body appoints qualified brothers at the branches to represent it in making appointments of elders and ministerial servants. Care is taken that those acting representatively on behalf of the Governing Body clearly understand and follow the Scriptural guidelines for making such appointments. Hence, it is under the direction of the Governing Body that qualified men are appointed to serve in the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide.

    17 When recommendations for appointment of overseers and ministerial servants are submitted to a branch office of the Watch Tower Society, experienced men rely on God’s spirit for guidance in making the appointments. These men feel a sense of accountability, realizing that they must not lay their hands hastily upon any man, lest they share in his sins.—1 Timothy 5:22.

    18 Certain appointments may be transmitted by a letter bearing an official stamp from a legal entity. Such a letter may be used to appoint more than one brother in the congregation.

    19 Theocratic appointments come from Jehovah through his Son and God’s visible earthly channel, “the faithful and discreet slave” and its Governing Body. (Matthew 24:45-47) The whole process of such recommendation and appointment is directed, or guided, by holy spirit. This is the case because the qualifications are set out in God’s Word, which is inspired by holy spirit, and the individual appointed gives evidence of producing the fruitage of that spirit. Therefore, the appointments are to be viewed as being made by holy spirit. Just as overseers and ministerial servants were appointed theocratically in the first century, the same is true today.

    have you any thoughts to share?

  • CoonDawg

    Fine, I'll cut and paste that reference to show to my lawyer. This way it will be easier to help spread the financial blame around when I sue them all for the situation around my daughters sexual abuse. Hey, the governing body is the spirit guided organization of god and they appoint the elders by that holy spirit. I don't see the way that they can sever the two. Maybe I should name God in my lawsuit for gross negligence on the part of an omnipotent diety for not making it plainer by means of the spirit to the GB that these guys weren't worth a flyin' f*ck at a rollin' donut. It's like giving a thermonuclear bomb to an imbecile and then when it all goes BOOM, to plead innocence because, after all, you entrusted the bomb to him and he LOOKED like he'd be okay with it.


  • Francois

    Yeah, I have some thoughts.

    Posturing Poseurs. Fakes. Phonies having a form of godly devotion yet proving false to its power. Men are appointed having no thought nor care for the suffering of sexually abused little kids in the congregation; who care not for the problems faced by widows young or old; who care not for young families down on their luck in a bad economy. These bastards collect the money and then hold on to it grimly for dear life, not sharing even a farthing even with the most deserving. Greedy and unloving.

    These people can engage in this type of public moral preening until the damn cows come home and it will not make them one whit more spiritual, not one bit more possessed of the fruitage of the spirit. Not one bit.

    False shephards is what they are - leading all who follow into a pit. The whole damned assembly of them is SICKENING.

    frank tyrrell ---> You get that JW monitors? You can kiss my ass.

  • yesidid

    Very good topic zev,

    That particular doctrine is one of their most ridiculous. Apart from having as many holes as Swiss cheese, it is God dishonouring.

    The PO in our cong was d/f for an extra martial affair. Very sordid it was.

    How do they explain it that God, through His Holy Spirit appointed the paedophile elders throughout the world.

    Why did Jehovah appoint Chitty, Greenleas and the worst apostate of all Ray Franz, to the governing body. Surely the Holy Spirit would at least make sure the governing body would be kosher if no one else.

    What a farce!!

  • rebel

    This has always bugged me.

    It is obvious to those in the congregation (at least, those with any brains) that those who are appointed to the position of MS or elder are ALWAYS best buddies with the current body of elders. They appoint their mates - those who grovel to them the most - basically yes-men. They never choose the kind, caring genuine ones. The elders in my congregation are a bunch of extremely wealthy, out-of-touch-with-reality, sad, demented old morons. They wouldn't know a christian quality if it bit them on the nose. And they have the cheek to dictate to me and tell me how I should behave. It makes me want to puke.

    Sorry - had to get that off my chest.


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    All these men appointed by holy spirit who are acting thru & with h.s. that is totally theocratic etc. etc.

    Would this entitle them to partake? Do all elders partake?

    If they don't all partake, how can they claim

    Appointed by Holy Spirit

    must give evidence that holy spirit is operating on them

    holy spirit enables them to discern

    the person is a spiritual man

    experienced men rely on God’s spirit for guidance

    is directed, or guided, by holy spirit.



    I`ve seen really young JW`s appointed to Elder or any other position,because their dad was an elder.."Theocratically Appointed servants"?.. Not even close."..Whose Your Daddy"Appointed servants is closer to the truth,LOL!..Wipe the little buggers nose,then let him counsel you on life....OUTLAW

  • archangel01

    Therefore, the appointments are to be viewed as being made by holy spirit. Just as overseers and ministerial servants were appointed theocratically in the first century, the same is true today.

    Let's pretend the HS is working with us when it really isn't.

    From reading the Bible the HS works very str8 forward.The HS was with Moses and he didn't have to go through a group of sinful humans nor did Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When the HS is Really working you do not need to go through somebody BUT..... they go through you!!!!!

  • gumby

    17 When recommendations for appointment of overseers and ministerial servants are submitted to a branch office of the Watch Tower Society, experienced men rely on God’s spirit for guidance in making the appointments. These men feel a sense of accountability, realizing that they must not lay their hands hastily upon any man, lest they share in his sins.—1 Timothy 5:22.

    experienced men rely on God’s spirit for guidance in making the appointments.

    Thats a lie. When appointments are made...elders discuss appointments when the CO arrives. They make the recommendation, he reviews their record and gives his approval or not and submits it to headquarters. If the CO approves does headquarters. Headquarters don't know squat about a man nor does the Holy Spirit tell them anything.

    That's why wife beaters, molesters, spousal cheaters.......get appointed! If the Holy Spirit had squat to say anything about it......many of these men who have been busted for doing many of these things mentioned BEFORE they were appointed and AFTER their appointment....... would have never been appointed in the first place. That is unless the Holy Spirit likes watching leaders do these things.

    they must not lay their hands hastily upon any man, lest they share in his sins.—1 Timothy 5:22.

    Why should they worry about that? I thought they just said the Holy Spirit appointed them?


  • Mary

    Oh what a frigging joke.........If the Holy Spirit is chosing alot of these bozos as elders, then I'm an Iranian sheep-shearer. There's only one qualification you need to become an elder or MS: ass-kisser. The farther you have your head stuck up the ass of your superior, the more quickly you'll advance within the Borg.

    I'd like to see that put on their 2003 CD Rom.

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