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  • shorty

    Hi everyone well i have actually been in the chat room lots but this the first actual time i posted there isnt much to my story io am still a witness although it has been hard at times. my dad and my step-mom are in the truth but i live with my real mom who is disfellowshiped. i keep going to the meetings. lets see i have two sisters and one little brother both sisters are moved out.anyways that is about all for now.... oh, and i love you guys!!!!!!



  • neyank

    Hi jules,
    Welcome to the group.

    Still a witness?
    It's good that you're checking out the board.
    You'll learn alot about the WTS.

    Always remember, real truth can stand up to any investigation.

    Any group that doesn't want their followers to investigate it
    is hiding something.


  • crossroads

    Welcome-like your name

  • Gopher


    Welcome! We love you right back. I'm glad to see you out here, and hope it continues to be an enjoyable learning experience for you. Hey it was for someone even as old as me, LOL!


  • outnfree

    Welcome, Jules!

    My good friend is the disfellowshipped mother of two girls. Their father and step-mom are also Witnesses. For quite some time, the older girl, who was friends with my oldest, went to the meetings on her own, getting rides from me , another sister, and sometimes mom herself. The younger sister was just relieved not to have to go anymore once her mother was DF'd.

    All this by way of saying that I can empathize a bit with your situation.

    Do you go to the meetings WITH your Mom? Is she trying to get reinstated? You say it's been hard times, so I'm wondering if you're wishing you could both just stay home.

    Well, I've got 2 more threads to check and then I'm off to bed after spending the good part of yesterday (!) saving my computer from a virus or two.


  • emyrose

    Hi Jules,
    I hope you duck all that brainwashing thrown
    all over the place at JWs meetings.
    Wishing you happiness, Emyrose

  • logical

    Hello Shorty

  • discombobulatedgirl

    Im with crossroads I like your name

  • RedhorseWoman

    Hi Jules, welcome to the board. Keep learning, keep questioning.

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Welcome to the board Jules/Shorty,
    Keep on checking this out. It is good for the soul. Share anything you like.

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