What Just Showed Up in My Facebook Feed

by Dissonant15 21 Replies latest social entertainment

  • tiki
    Are you kidding me!?! Whatever happened to anonymity and not blowing your own horn.......and the mentality of people who hold these guys in reverential awe......wtf... They are just a group of greedy corporate manipulators. Using religion as a tax cover.
  • millie210
    Morpheus3 hours agoHow foolish. Thats not even the current GB. A sad effort to look "spiritual" seen through easily by people they would call apostate

    there you have it folks.

    Morpheus I wish I could like this a hundred times.

  • DarioKehl

    Classic Stockholm Syndrome.

    I am also reminded of the sea of fawning North Koreans who show up any time their abuser steps outdoors.

    hey "governing body": I know your minions read this forum. I just want to extend a glorious middle finger and a hearty "fuck you" to each one of you assholes. I hope you all experience excruciating pain before you "return to dust." That's right; you're NOT going to heaven. You simply die. The bible, your hateful interpretation of it, your tyrannical god and your organization are all bullshit. Oh--and tony morris: Die in a fire.

  • FayeDunaway
    Seriously time to block that brown noser!!!
  • stuckinarut2

    What do you really feel Dario?

  • Oubliette

    DK: Oh--and tony morris: Die in a fire.

    How 'bout: Die in a fire like a roasting weenie while you watch handsome young men in tight pants and colored socks dance gaily about!

  • Oubliette
  • umbertoecho
    That's creature worship. They are worshipping these bastards. What is WRONG with these people?
  • punkofnice
    DarioKehl2 days agoClassic Stockholm Syndrome.


  • Zoos

    OP... You should capitalize on this by ramping up the vomit factor.

    Find a pic of the GB and tag it with a line that expresses how seeing the sons of God on JW broadcasting every month make you feel even close to Jehovah.

    Really get the man-worship rolling. It might wake up some more minds.

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