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  • Mary

    Did anyone watch 20/20 last night? Here's what one of the stories was about;

    Quite a few women who had planned on dedicating their lives to their country, have come forth to tell the horrors they've encountered while at training at the Air Force Base (in Colorado I think).

    Many women have been raped repeatedly by "superior officers". Alot of them did nothing, and did not report it because they didn't want to be seen as a trouble-maker and they didn't want to give up their dreams of serving in the Air Force. The men that raped them would say things like "no one will ever believe you" and "I'm an Officer, you're nothing." However, some eventually reported the rapes. And what happened? Absolutely nothing. Those in charge wanted to keep it all hushed up because they were more concerned about preserving the "image" of the Air Force, rather than do something about the sexual assaults that were going on. One guy was a known serial rapist and the Air Force still did nothing. And guess what? When these girls went public, they all got booted out. They are totally disillusioned and are planning to sue.

    Does this sound familiar or what?? Just replace the words "Air Force" with "The Watchtower" and "women" with "children" and the story line is the exact same.

  • Roamingfeline

    Which just goes to show you, it's not just the Watchtower Society, but a root problem with society in general.


  • Thirdson


    [Quote]it's not just the Watchtower Society, but a root problem with society in general[/quote]

    Very true! What the people of the Watchtower need to realize is that statement is true. Simply saying that you are God's clean, chosen organization doesn't help and doesn't protect anyone. No wonder it is a termed a "paradise" ....but for who?


  • Francois

    Roaming Feline - You're sooooooo right. There IS no difference between the JWs and everyone else.


  • LB

    Sadly I find the 20/20 story believable and not surprising at all.

  • SheilaM

    Absolute power corrupts Absolutley

  • JT

    excellent point, esp when you consider that wt is really just an American Publishing Corp and as you find sexual misconduct in any company among it's staff, the same with wt

    as has been mentioned wt is the one who sits themselves up and above all groups of people as being SPEICAL in their actions and conduct

    they hide dirt under the rug just as good as the next Corporation, tobacco, goodyear, ford , dow, enron, Aurthur Andersen, etc

  • whyhideit

    Crap like that happens in all organization. It's really very sad.

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