Life in a peaceful new world? Your advise please

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  • unclebruce


    Last week, after jumping through environmental, heritage, waste management, bushfire and god knows how many other hoops, the local shire council finnaly aproved my "Development Application". This means i can comence building my 'Lord of the Rings meets the Flintstones" type earthy paradise here in the bush .. so please forgive me if i don't stop smiling for a year or three

    With the DA came my new 'rural lands number' (an american system we've recently adopted here which means my #866 indicates i am 8.66 kilometers from the nearest road junction)

    I proudly fixed my new number to a letterbox next to a gate about 1 kilometer up the hill from my camp. (i always lock the gate when out and the mailbox is just so any passing bushman can leave a note :) Anyway, on returning home today i found my first "mail" The moment my eyes caught sight of the tract i knew .. the dubs have been .. lol. I smiled that they still leave tracts just as i had done as a kid in the late 60's but oh, what's this inside? A hand writen note? I never left one of those? Who's it from?

    mmm .. Sue Dunham. and there's a phone number too (this woman must be desperate Let's see now:

    "Dear resident,

    It was a shame we couldn't talk to you today" (too right love :)

    "- but you will enjoy this tract with it's positive message for the future." (bit presumptious!* lol )

    "Sue Dunham 6494 ****"

    Well, the tract was usual WBTS psycobabling sugar coated "life is shit but Judge Rutherford, Jesus and the 143,999 will sooon turn 99.9% of humanity into compost and we can all live happily ever after scario.

    Well what should i do? Give Sue a ring? (she might be a good sort If she's not I could tell her to watch out for feindish cults that prey on weak kneedy people What would you do? Use it to stoke the fire or use it to stoke the fire? lol (ah, it's nice to be in a position of strength :)

    Anyone else here had a nice personal note? Anyone here left notes like that while witnessing? (i bin outta the loop - this new 'touchy feely' strategy is new to me)


    ps: I live in the best prettiest and greenest valley in Australia (the Saphire Coast has the mildest climate in australia etc... etc...) and Sue leaves me a tract about "Life in a peacefull New World" (some folks are never happy i guess

    *presumptuous = my favorite jw word (sounds like a sumptuos feast or a roll in bed with a chubby girl or something:)


    Howdy Uncle Bruce.

    OK...(everyone laugh) Rayzorblade when he was a good dub (good?..ah, nevermind), when he could not get anyone at home, he would either leave a note, or take down the address and...get this: write a letter.

    I'd witness through a hand written letter. If the weather was lousy, I'd do that, write letters to my NOT AT HOMES.

    Well, Uncle Bruce, I think I have a novel idea. I say we call your new place: "THE 866 SAPPHIRE PARADISE" - write your own tract-like thing, but make it look like a resort flyer. You can place all sorts of New System like features, you know, animals that tend to eat each other that don't, and well you know, cut/paste one of those weird assed smiles that you'd see in old WTBTS publications. Lots of teeth (heaven knows I don't have many of those) and that vapid expression so omnipresent in their illustrations. Just don't forget the part about the 'dancing ladies' and the on-site massage parlours. It may look like Bedrock, for some it'll be the yaba-daba-do place to be.

    Circulate that around advertising your 144,000 acres of bliss. $19.14 per night (any currency) or $19.75 double occupancy.

    Uncle Bruce, I don't know honestly, what to say regarding any attempt to speak/write to this Dub who wrote you that note. One could hope that you could talk to her. Using xjw stealth to hopefully show her some interesting things she may not have ever known, or ever will know. It's not entirely impossible - I mean, how is she to know you are an x-Dub?

    Writing her any concerns etc., she may feel intimidated and bring an elder/brother along next time. If she is invited back, then she has 'no idea' what's coming up, so you may get the upper hand and be able to show her some interesting 'truths' the Truth has been holding back from her.

    By the way, anyone I ever left a note for or wrote to: never called me nor did they write me back. Wasn't too long after I did that that I exited Dubland.

    March 1, Canada can begin to thaw out. This block of ice I use as a pillow is really bothering me. Time to walk the polar bear, be back soon.

  • unclebruce

    interesting razorblade,

    You're jogging my memory gland now. I stopped attending in 1986 and i think the letter writting thing came in a couple of years before that. If i remember right, it was strictly a job for 'pioneers only' for a while there. (a 'special priveledge' like working business territory and such .. gee we were saps! lol.

    No, i don't think i'll give Sue a call. slowly slowly catchy monkey .. they'll be back as sure as there's a moose in Canadia. And we'll sit down under the gum trees siping tea, admiring the view and talking about the jw view of paradise (and other psyciatric disorders :)

    Then again, i really should give her a brief, polite 'thankyou for calling love .. maybe we'll do tea sometime' - it might just change her stats, make her day or something (I make a point of waving at cycling mormons .. lol .. confuses the buggery outta 'em

    cheers, unc.

  • Inquiry

    Hey there Unc...RB...

    Yep... some poor slob reached out and touchy feelied me.... I've had posted letters twice in the past year and a half...(It's a relatively small telephone book) ... they must be new to the area cause the old local dubbies consider me Satan's spawn..and they don't call on me at invitations.. no nuthin....Since it's a small town, I know most of them and I didn't recognize the name.... It was a short note and a tract... both times and not around memorial time.. which was weird... someone going through the phone book getting names and addresses. They left the KH number though....I can't wait till a dub knocks on my door... explaining to them who I am and what I did will be quite a treat... I just want to see that fresh horrified expression again... geez, I miss that.

    I started in '90, and they had me telephone witnessing, and writing short notes... plus your basic D to D...I think the telephone witnessing was the new thing at the time...

    RB... I love the tract idea for Unc's Paradise... sounds awesome and Unc... you could do it up real good... you could have people throwing their glasses and crutches away too.. just for effect... it would go well with that vapid expression ....I always hated that look... very fake..very 2 dimensional....reminds me of the Stepford Wives....*shudder*

    Toodles for now guys


  • unclebruce

    'scuse me inq,

    Recently i snail mailed farkel a postcard with wonderfool WBTS stuff stuck all over it. I spoke to the grumpy ol' fart on the phone yesterday and said he'd posted it. I can't find the thread anywhere. Have you seen it?


    ps: who the freak'n hell are you? it's start'n to drive me nuts! lol (we've met before right?)

  • wasasister

    Congrats on finally going ahead on the Paradise Palace, UB. I know how long you've waited for this.

    I saw the lovely postcard Farkel posted. You and your new lady-friend, as I recall, on a motorbike. I was - of course - crestfallen that you had found another, but I suppose she is more your type and I should take this news gracefully.

    Wishing you every happiness in your new life,


  • mattnoel

    Call her, you could have some real fun,

    invite her over for coffee and a chat,

    then hit on her when she arrives

    as she goes running out the door tell her to be more carefull about leaving literature in diss'd or da'd post boxes !

  • Inquiry

    Here ya go Unc.. (Farks post of the postcards you sent) I'm helpful even though I'm not remembered.... *pouts sheepishly* now that oughta get your attention.... lol

    Yes, you know me... we've been yakin at each other since H20... lol... I guess I don't post often enough... you've forgotten me...

    I was the one who went on National Television in Canada on the Bulgarian/Blood Issue nearly 6 years ago now.... remember... '97.... I was a frequent at H20 and now I'm Aren't we all ... I don't get to post very often but I'm lurkin here all the time.. and I haven't been able to use chat for quite some time now.. I guess it's a compatibility problem with Win 98... that sucks... but I'm hoping Simon fixes it soon...

    I still love ya bud... Though I'm not nearly as fuzzy as that sheep though... and even though you've forgotten maybe my love just isn't fuzzy enough... I feel sooo baaaaaad.... lol

    Inq of the wallflower class...

  • unclebruce

    dear wasasister,

    I'm mortified that Farkel has revealed both my current lowly mode of transport and illegal pillion passenger activities.

    uncle 'gather-upher of the lost and condemed' bruce :)


    lol @ mattnoel,

    "hit on her when she arrives?" LOL .. You'll have to help me with that. It's been awhile since i've tried romancing a girl. .. whado i say? Gooday (what's her name again?) "yes, free home bible study me indeed", (*winks while thinking of knowing women in the biblickall sense:) "do come recline with me in the gazebo while we investigate paradise together" or should i leave all that sleazy Yulio Englasias crap behind and boldly launch into standard Australian foreplay "g'day, 'ow about it love?" <<-- (don't say nuth'n wassa! lol)


    Inquiry you big eyed buzzard!! lol

  • Inquiry

    Ahhh yes... stirred up the old cobweb collector eh... lol

    You remember me! I can't tell ya how gratified I am... hahahahaha It takes so little to please me. eh.... hahaha

    Toodles for now hun...

    or should I say Bahhhh Bahhhhh....


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