Tree of Life---Ruby slippers?

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  • crossroads

    What was the Tree of Life doing in the garden?
    I have only one thought that works for me on this.
    Has anybody else ever wondered?

  • Jimmer


  • Seven

    Hi Xrds, I believe the tree of life is now somewhere in Rhode Island. Waiting was keeper of the tree for many years but her dogs wouldn't quit their digging.

    I read once where the Tree of Life had something to do with the Kabbalah and the view of the world-the three fundamentals: force, form and consciousness. The Garden of Eden being the primal state of consciousness. Strange story but so is Adam and Eve and the serpent.


  • kes152

    Greetings to you, and may you enjoy peace!

    The 'tree of life' was the one tree that granted 'everlasting life' to anyone 'eating' from it. That very same 'tree of life' never disappeared, for it is in your midst.

    Adam and Jesus were both 'sons of God.' Adam was one 'born in the manner of flesh,' Jesus was his brother, 'born in the manner of spirit.'

    When the Father made Adam, he made him without 'spot,' flawless in spirit and thus an "image" of God. The Father laid but ONE command upon Adam to protect the 'life' that the Father created. Although Adam was made 'without spot' Adam did not have the experience that the Father had. As a result, Adam had the ability to cause great harm to himself.

    Jah being the kind Father that he is, had every intention of "teaching" his son, to "raise" him so that he WOULD be like Jah, his Father. Jah did not warn him against the vicious beasts of the earth, or the exploding volcanoes. Because none of these could bring him death. Neither could the tornadoes, or hurricanes, or hot lava, or deep oceans. For all these things had no 'hold' on him. There was only one thing that COULD bring about his death, and it was regarding this ONE thing that Jah DID warn him against.

    Unfortunately, Adam, due to the abundance of his own "desire" to please himself, he reached out for knowledge that was not his to have, .... yet. The knowledge and experience that God possessed, could be used to do GREAT good, or great bad. Adam did not take the time to recognize this and act wisely. Instead, he went after this "knowledge" and due to his 'inexperience' he brought on sin and death to himself AND all his offspring.

    His 'brother' however, the one "born in the manner of spirit," recognized that he did not have the experience and constantly devoted himself to the teaching of his Father. He wanted to know both fully and completely the wisdom of his Father and how he can use such wisdom and experience to help his neighbor, and to glorify his Father. Adam's concern was for Adam. His brother, however, was concerned for everyone else BUT himself. He was the one hating inexperience and loved wisdom and knowledge of his Father.

    Due to his great love for both his Father and all the offspring of his disobedient brother, he gave his own life and poured out his own blood, that they too may recieve life. He became the "life" that the offspring of his brother were seeking ("I am the way, and the truth, and the LIFE"). And thus, he IS our TREE OF LIFE. If we "eat his flesh and drink his blood" we will have "life in OURSELVES." (John 6:53)

    By means of his spirit blood that he pours out, we too can have "life." For "life is in the blood," everlasting life is in HIS blood. And anyone who recieves this "life," will have EVERLASTING LIFE inside him. Even if his flesh dies, his spirit will continue to live. The reason? "It is the spirit that is life, the flesh is of no use at all." (John 6:63) If we have spirit, holy spirit, that spirit will give LIFE to our spirit, so that our spirit WILL HAVE everlasting life. The flesh can die, but holy spirit sustains our spirit for life, non-stop. We will continue "living" and never die. Thus, "everlasting life."

    This is the 'good news' of the kingdom, that "anyone wishing, anyone thirsting" can have EVERLASTING LIFE, free, NOW!

    Let him that is wishing "Come!" drink the water of life, free.

    Peace to you,

  • stephenw20

    Jah being the kind Father that he is"

    would appreciate you not calling him "JAH"......perhaps you should also consider respect.........


  • Prisca

    What's wrong with saying Jah? It's an acceptable abbreviation. Just check the books of Psalms and Proverbs for proof.

  • bonnie38

    I agree with Jimmer. It was growing.

  • crossroads

    Here is my thought when I posted this. Dorothy wanted a
    better life than what she had. She went on a wild and
    wonderful journey to find it. Yet at anytime she could have
    returned home just by clicking her heels 3-times.When
    she finally learned that there was no place like home. An angel told her what to do-she believed did what she could have always done and went back to where she came.
    When Adam and Eve would have realized they were
    really spiritual beings instead of physical ones an angel
    would have taken them to the tree and said 'eat' something
    they could have done all along. Being then taken back
    home to be trully in Gods image.

    The Almighty knew it would take humans sometime to get
    this so humanity would prosper and grow. Each individual
    taking what time was needed to learn of there better calling.
    The people that partook of the tree were just too be taking
    away like Enoch."and he was not" no big deal.

    "I'll always be a dreamin' man
    I don't have to understand
    I know it's alright"
    Neil Young

    The Wizard of OZ is one of my all time favorite movies
    so beware of the old cohoot behind the curtain pulling
    all the strings. It just may be Fred Franz

  • Kristen
    I have only one thought that works for me on this.

    I'm having a difficult time with the whole adam/eve thing... but would love to hear your thoughts on the tree.

    There's no place like home...

  • Kristen

    whoops... must have been writing my post when you were replying.

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