Apostasy Movie (For those who have forgotten)

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  • KW13

    This movie is out there now in the US and im guessing other territories and due to be released tomorrow in the UK in cinema and for streaming.


    i didnt realise until recently the man behind it all shares a mutual friend with myself so im hoping to get to meet him because this film looks like it will do more for ex witnesses who need justification for moving on and for those who don't understand the religion, i think it teaches more than any documentary?

  • galaxie

    This film maker (ex jw ) was interviewed on bbc radio 4 this evening. The interview was part of the recent film releases discussion, it lasted approx 5 mins and was quite in depth re his own upbringing and experiences of jw life and its bearing upon him. They played a short excerpt about the blood issue and the influence of the elders. I got the impression from what the filmmaker said that he held back a bit on content so as not to be too harsh on current jws who may watch it, and basically apologised on their behalf saying that the blood issue and disfellowshiping were the main issues of ,for him, contention but otherwise the religion was just as mainstream as others and let them get on with it. I'm afraid i have to disagree with him, if i had the wherewithal and resources to have made such a film and had it released for public viewing i would not have been so restrained ,but having not seen the film perhaps i am talking out of turn I'm just commenting on the bbc interview. All said and done I'm glad the film is out there.

  • cobweb

    Thanks for the heads up

    The Film Programme - Apostasy - @bbcradio4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bbt611

    He comes across as not having that much anger toward the organisation. Perhaps because he wasn't disfellowshipped himself and maintained his relationship with his mother. This seems to have worked in the film's favour though as all the most positive reviews praise it for its neutral perspective and the fact that it wasn't a hatchet job.

  • Dagney

    I'm so glad you posted this.

    An post popped up on my FB feed of an exJW in the UK who went to a showing. They have moved on to a new life and doesn't really engage in any exJW stuff. They made the comment of how many exJW's showed up and some they had no idea had left. It was very moving they said to see the faces there, and an emotional reunion.

    I'm wondering if the same thing could happen here with a movie showing.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The film gets very good reviews from the Times, Telegraph and Guardian here in the UK. The fact that the director does not overtly show anger is surely because that was not his purpose in making the film, instead the film critics pick up on the appalling tensions that the members have to live with inside the cult.

  • justme

    i watched it tonight, it was a true depiction of the JW lifestyle...here are the two sites that have it for free & it's really good quality if anyone is interested.



  • truthwillsetyoufree

    I am heading to the theatre in Glasgow tonight with my partner to watch this. Very much looking forward to it

  • cobweb

    justme: I appreciate your positive intentions, but posting those links are against the terms of service of this site. I do not generally care, but it would be great if we could support the film. Its not like its not available on various pay sites.

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