Ezekiel's Chariot Ride

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    Question: Can anyone figure out what year it was that Elijah went on his chariot ride? And also the year he wrote a letter to King Jehoram of Judah telling him what would happen to him. I have figured out some dates, but not sure if they are correct.

  • patio34

    I have a notation in my bible that the letter in 2 Chron 21(?) was after 913 BCE, because I have done quite a bit of annotations of dates in my bible. I often wished someone would produce a bible with the dates along side the events!


  • Flowerpetal

    That would be great if a Bible like that would be published.

    I'm still trying to check the dates. Jehoram of Israel became king during the 18th reign of Jehoshaphat of Judah. It appears that Elijah took his chariot ride in between the death of Ahaziah, King of Israel and King Jehoram of Judah.

    This Jehoram takes over being king of Judah from what I can gather, in 913 BCE. But later, while Jehoram is still king, Elijah sends him a message. So I figure Elijah's chariot ride was in 917 BCE. Jehoram ruled for almost 8 years, and died from a malady that Elijah told him would get. It appears he died in 906 BCE but was plagued with intense intestinal problems for 2 yrs. before that; and before that was still having intestinal problems.

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    I think you need to edit your original post and then add the subject line!

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    Thanks RR, for your suggestion!

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