Radio Program on JWs and False Prophecies on this Saturday at 11AM CST

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  • jschwehm

    Hi Gang:

    I will be interviewed on a radio station in St. Louis, MO about the JWs and the End Times. If you guys want to listen to the program on-line, you can at

    We will be taking calls from people. I would like to hear from those of you who were hurt by the false prophecies of the past specifically 1975 etc. We will be giving out the phone numbers to call on the air and the phone number is also on the website. Or, you can e-mail me at [email protected] with what you would like me to say about your experience.

    Jeff S.

  • Gopher

    I'll tune in unless Armageddon comes first.

    Have a great show.

    -- JEFF

  • Dansk

    Feel free to use my experience in 'TORN APART'. I guess it highlights what many of us have experienced - and more! The organisation's false prophecies have brought nothing but anguish and pain for countless thousands - perhaps millions. How do they manage to get charity status with a record like that?!

    Do you remember the book or pamphlet Millions now living will never die? They're probably ALL DEAD!

    And what about the Watchtower front page of May 15, 1984, which states: 1914 - The Generation That Will Not Pass Away.

    Try and get a hold of that issue. Look at the people in the picture. Bet your life most, if not all, of them are dead, too.

    Have great day, we're right behind you. If you can, get a transcript and publish it here.

  • JT

    i will be listening

    thanks for info

  • blondie

    I have an errand to run Saturday, but I plan to have my ears pealed at 11 am CST. I listened the last time you were on and was favorably impressed.


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