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  • unclebruce

    The wombat is a buff to greyish-black, course-haired, thick-set animal about three feet long and it stands only about one foot three inches high. It is heavy (often about 70 pounds in weight) and it's weight is carried by it's short thick legs. It is very strong and fast. It can run the 100meters in about 6 seconds and, when in a hurry, looks like a mini-tank as it takes all types of hills and gullies in it's stride. It leaves a footprint like a foreshortened human footprint in mud or snow. Northern wombats are fast becoming extinct but South Australian hairy-nosed wombats and the species in south-east australia (where i live) are thriving. Wombats are very individualistic and probably the worlds most intelligent marsupial.

    ... oops, thought i was writing an essay for the wildlife newsletter ..

    well, it suddenly struck me the otherday - i am part of a community. I know jesus said: "be no part of the world" but stuff him. I am part of the world and loving every minute of it [:p] When i first moved to this valley i thought i'd isolate myself in the forest and not have much to do with people but it turns out that i am now more involved with other folk than i have ever been in my life (big cities are lonely souless places folks - get out in the country before you wither up and .. )

    One day i saw an add in the paper to sit a W.I.R.E.S. course. (Wildlife Information and Rescue Service) I sat the course, joined wires, attended the monthly meetings (usually very informal with everyone bringing plates of food etc... mmm ...) At one meeting i raised my hand at the wrong time and now i represent the far south coast branch of WIRES. So, i attend monthly meetings throughout the valley (which are held in differnt homes and properties throughout the shire) and help build kangaroo and wombat enclosures etc..

    For a guy like me the very word "meeting" filled me with dread but these are no Kingdom Bull meeting folks .. we get the buisness at hand over very quickly and get into the barbeque and animal cuddling. Most members are mature women with a wombat, wallaby or some other soft furry animal in care. At WIRES we are dedicated to rehabilitating injured and sick animals back into the wild. Last week, on the way into town i rescued a joey from it's dead mothers pouch. "Wilbur" the swamp wallaby is being nurted by a woman who will hand it to me for 'soft release' in about 6 months. (since i have a large bush property i'm designated a release site :)

    A friend of mine, Brian has two little wombats in care and they're real characters. They sleep in his bed, get carried around in a cloth bag, ride on the tank of his motorbike and are bottle fed every 6 hours. As soon as my wombat enclosure is build i hope to have babies of my own (wish i could post photos)

    As i said, attending WIRES meetings is nothing like going to a kingdom hall. Last weekend we held a raptor course. (i even helped disect a wedge tailed eagle :) Did you know the concord took much of it's high tech from the study of Falcons? Owls, Kites, Hawks, Osprey, Eagles ... these animals are awesome and i'm building a huge avery to keep them. (i will be hospitalising themn for several weeks after initial rescue then handing them over to a specialist raptor carer several hundred miles up the coast.)

    In the last few weeks i've rescued and released a wide variety of animals and birds. The local vet doesn't charge for wild animals so she's my first point of call.

    ps: In Australia it is illegal to hold or keep any part of a native animal without a licence. Speaking of which, i will soon have a gun licence again (to euthenase* wildlife .. someones gotta do it)

    OK, enough about WIRES.

    Last week i finally enrolled in an arts degree at university. This little town (Bega) now has a small campus of it's own and i'm happy as a pig in poop. We have video conferencing back to Woolongong and i sit here in this airconditioned room with 40 brand new computers with only one other person cliking away :) Truly the tutors almost outnumber the students here (about 40) yep, three years of study and i'll be a BA and a year after that a teacher (touch wood, fingers crossed and all that) Again i'm struck that i'm part of a community. People here couldn't be more friendly. (a mate of mine is also studying here and he can't stop smiling either. Cr Hughes represents the greens at the third tier of governmrent - local council)

    OK enough about Uni.

    Building a house is fun too. I got hold of 80 meters of 120 year old hardwood floor planks the other day. They are covered in cowshit. (yep the people actually kept cows in this house .. sometimes it's just like 'greenacres' around here :) anyway i've sanded some back and am halfway through making a traditional gate - you should see the colors in the wood! (i must include pictures in my up-comming book "building a 100 year old house")

    OK enough about my warped building projects. Tutor's waving at me .. it's time to go.

    I've been lucky to make so many friends on the net and i feel a little guilty being so happy with my life when so many of you are hurting. All i can say is don't despair. Ignore the insanity of the Watchtower overlords, join a group and "be part of the world" and may all your days be tranquil and deeply satisfying.

    love and best wishes, unclebruce.

    *if any pedant can spell 'youth-en-ayse' all proper-like please let me know :)

  • Carmel

    Ahoy mate! Blokey of ya ta go artse fartse on usins!

    Wombat man

  • PopeOfEruke

    Unc, the wombat is a LOT like you - a wombat eats roots and leaves.


  • unclebruce

    hey, if it ain't me ol' marsoupial buddy eligah! artsy? me? yeah, that's what the townies recon .. but if you want artsy i gotta post photos of my latest industrial art (welding aussie animals outta scrap metal is making me a household name around these parts - true .. oh it's a busy life lol :)

    psssst: you seen much of our offspring? you know - "little bugger"


    yeah pope but when they're babies they grunts sucks and sleeps .. when they can eats roots and leaves the door is left open.

  • unclebruce

    help! i can't find the edit button or make [:)] <-- them things work anymore :(

    well caveman .. you must'a learned what it's like to be in a community long ago but it's only recently dawned on me that i am (and it's nuth'n to be afraid of .. i've got more friends in more places in the last year than i ever had in the city - vewy stwange ..


  • outnfree

    Hiya, Unc!

    Pretty sure that even though it's euthanasia, one 'puts down' animals LOL (the hell with trying to spell euthanase, euthanize, er, euthanise!!!??)

    Your note just made my day! Pretty rotten day, had to shorten my trip to Texas this week to attend a funeral near Toronto. Just as well, from what I hear, though, seems that TEXAS has freezing rain and the airports are full of miffed passengers sleeping on the floor with those itty bitty airline blankets using their carry-on luggage for pillows. That's if they didn't get billeted in some local hotel conference room where the blankets are more substantial. Not sure if my flight will leave for there in the AM, either.

    ANYWAY, I , too, am going to college (not university yet) and enjoying the heck out of it. So far, I'm an honors student. Then again, so far, I'm just taking the basic refresher/requisite courses someone out of school for 30 years must pass. I'm having a blast!

    I once met a woman who was doing the Wildlife rescue thing. She had cougars, birds, and a wild boar in various cages and pens on her property in Santa Barbara, California. What a wonderful thing!

    Thanks for reporting in, Uncle. We love hearing from you, especially when it's all good.

    Going to search an encyclopedia for a picture of a mother wombat and her babes....


  • unclebruce

    good to hear from you too out'nfree.

    Americans have very different laws to us here (don't put down a golden eagle or you'll be in trouble! - so there are pathetic one winged golden eagles in pathetic little zoos everywhere .. or so i've heard)

    my point is that i'm part of a community now wether i like it or not and it's great. There is so much to get out and enjoy. The local yatch club has an anual sail with us free day (anyway it only costs $50 to join and go sailing whenever you want on someone elses yatcht whoo whoo .. Then, if your adventurous there's the bush fire brigade and a miriad of other clubs and voluntee organizations to be a part of. Lonliness where is thy sting?

    cheers cobber .. unc

    ps: it rained here a week ago and everyones smiling - the vally's greening up again and the drought may even end soon :)

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Hi Brucie, your doing very good for a person that has spent a great deal a of time in the waters. I see your enjoying your 'new' waters of life! Good for you.

    I can relate to all your new adventures, except for the type of animals. In this part of the country with have to put up with 'dingbats' the two legged ones.

    Guest 77

  • Inquiry

    Hi Unc... it's Inq....

    I loved hearing about what your doing... you've got a real talent for expressing yourself.. Made my day....

    An arts degree???? You??? Wow! Just goes to show ya that anyone can go back to school... anyone....

    I'm glad your liking it... I went back a few years ago... loved it... it's funny how much better you can be at "school" than you are when you were young eh? Hey Out...I was an honours student too.. twice... lol (two courses of study...) ... I will always feel great about that... I didn't do well in school when I was a kidlet.

    Wires sounds really neat.... you guys must have a lot of fun.... not to mention making a valuable contribution to wildlife.. I think that's awesome... I think the BBQs would be awesome too....

    I think congratulations is in order for joining the world... and I must say.. .the world is better off for havin ya!

    Have yourself a wonderful day Unc... I will, in part because of you...

    okay... mutual admiration society meeting is now adjourned... *smacks gavel on table*


  • acsot

    that is such great stuff you're doing - wildlife rehabilitation is wonderful. I too am returning to university, firstly to get a certificate in journalism, then perhaps a Fine Arts degree; just the experience of learning is worth it. Sure beats the stuff you hear at the Kingdom Hall huh?

    Congratulations on getting a life!

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