Invasion of privacy not appreciated

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  • orbison

    a letter to the editor of local paper, april 24, 01 (vancouver, bc)
    thought you might enjoy

    I am writing this to inform the people of Chilliwack of a plague that seems to affect well-groomed, articulate individuals living in our fair city.
    Many months ago we posted a sign on our front door that says "NO SOLICITING' due to the fact that the sanctity of our home was constantly being invaded by individuals seeking to save us, sell us something or wanting money or some kind of donation. After posting the sign we have had relative peace for about six months.
    Now, people who claim to know how to read seem to think that we have to hear what they have to say!!!!!! NOT!!!!!
    We posted that sign so that we could enjoy our home in peace and quiet and now certain people seem to think that this does not apply to them.
    We do not want to be asved, we have no money, we work so it is our responsibility to support those above and below us. We pay taxes to support the government in the style to which it has become accustomed, which, by the way, is a lot more lavish than our lifestyle.
    What do we have to do to have peace? Do we have to go to City Hall and ge a sign permit (which costs money) to post a 10 foot x 10 foot sign on the front lawn telling people to leave us in peace?
    We would never turn someone away from our door who was genuinely in need of assistance, but we also want to have our wishes respected by not having strangers knocking on our door.
    The rude individuals who seem to think that they have the right to disrespect our wishes to be left in peace should know that they have no right to ring our doorbhell when we have posted a sign asking them not to invade the sanctuary of our home.

    Thank you, b.j.perry

  • stephenw20

    when they come by

    ask them for their address , phone #, and worst time to call.....


    then let them know they will get a visit, unannounced , so you can EXPRESS your own freedoms.......



  • TR

    I remember reasoning that since Jehoagie's Witlesses aren't selling anything(yea, right), that we can ignore that particular sign. However, I did run into a few NO JW's signs, and I did respect those.


  • slipnslidemaster

    It seems funny to me how the Society has relaxed the whole Soliciting thing over the years. Didn't they used to go to jail over this?

    Now in my development, they obey the postings. What changed?

    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

  • riz

    The word 'solicit' comes from the Latin word 'sollicitare' meaning 'to disturb.'

    I remember being told at the meeting that the "NO Soliciting" signs didn't apply to us. I absolutely dreaded going to doors that had these signs. I believed we were invading their privacy and I found it very rude on our part to ignore the householders' request.

    It's one more example of JW's thinking they have special immunity because they are 'doing a life saving work.' Selling their product or not, No soliciting means just that. No soliciting. The arrogance they display is astounding.


  • nojw86

    Riz, that was interesting! I too hated going to those doors that had the N. S. sign up. It was difficult enough for me to even go to homes, when I knew we were not invited guests. nojw

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    spoken like a true master Riz:

  • battman

    Hi Slip,

    What changed?

    The speed of change today in every field, business,
    religious order, technology is accelerating at an
    every increasing pace. We all see it, and complain
    about it, every day. Same with the moribund Org.

    The "pressure" to save peeps lives just prior to 1975,
    again the 1980's, 1990's and of course 2000 is GONE.
    I truly felt almost compelled to "tresspass" to deliver
    this most important (LOL) life saving message. Today
    I do not even participate in the FS. All this is reflected
    in the stats which imvho will continue an ever increasing

    We live in a time of unpresidented, wealth, peace and
    security (remember that one?). Unlimited educational
    opportunities are now, or soon will be, available to almost
    the entire world's population. The old message is no
    longer relevant. The org will just devolve into a smaller
    and smaller group with the fanatical as the "last stand".

    the next few years should see much a change and posturing
    as the masses just don't care and want to participate in
    Life, esp as it has never been as promising as it is today.

    love to all and watch the fun begin,

    of the "i want to live" class

  • Kristen

    There were other signs that read "No Canvassing". We were told that houses with those signs should be left alone. We were also told that the "No Soliciting" sign didn't apply to us–but often had the householder point to that sign while we tried selling our mags to them. I remember feeling the same thing about not wanting to disturb those people. Actually, I didn't want to disturb ANYONE!

    Who hated pushing her religion on everyone else

  • battman

    The City Police met with our elduhs and
    after that No S signs were off limits!
    For some striptural reason this was OK.
    Certinly OK with this boy.

    of the No Soliciting class

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