Just 10 more days. How are they going to spin the news on Oct 3 annual meeting?

by John Aquila 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • bohm

    We need some more confirmation. On another thread someone said that they were going to suspend LARGE projects such as AS halls, bethels, etc. The "big announcements" was in the main about kingdom halls IIRC.

    This is super awesome news and it seems to be confirmed from multiple, independent sources that Big Things are happening. It would be super nice with a thread about things which has been confirmed by reliable sources.

  • username

    I'm really surprised no one has thought of the very thing the org is built (no pun intended) on...............Drum roll.................

    BROTHER. THE BUILDING WORK HAS STOPPED BECAUSE THE GREAT TRIBULATION IS HERE. Now please step aside and watch the seven be rapttured.

    Translation: there is a car with blacked out windows round the back ready to whisk the seven to a private airfield with a fully fueled private jet waiting to take them to one of islands that the watchtower invested in!

  • EndofMysteries

    Very soon all Kingdumbhalls will be sold because all the land and building space, etc, is a waste of valuable resources.

    They will be replaced by brand new remodeled out of business fast food restaurants with 'stay awake' chairs that have almost no padding, no armrests, are we not thankful for the faithful slave in helping us to 'stay awake' in this time of the end?

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