Another great video of a normal, healthy, exjw expressing themselves on their exit

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  • freemindfade
  • stuckinarut2

    Wonderful video!! Very heartfelt and sincere.

    I understand completely all that she said. Many of us travelled such a similar that WAS NOT because of trying to be critical, or because we were 'sinful' etc. It was simply because we were trying to PROVE the truth to ourselves or our family with SINCERE motives. Then the house of cards fell down.... and kept falling....

    Thanks for sharing.

    I want to give her and her family a big hug of support and appreciation!

    If anyone here actually knows them personally, or if they are part of this forum, please pass on our love.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    What I liked about it was that she was not explicit in details, so that anyone watching could not 'critique' anything she found out.... So, no matter what you were wondering about, any ideas that were floating around in the doubting side of your brain, you could apply her sincere message to yourself. It would give you hope... "Just research"

    I also think that many JW's need to hear "enjoy life", you don't need to 'be afraid to research the truth.' If it is the truth, you will only reinforce the truth.

    I am happy to hear that their family is on their way to a closer relationship, one that is willing to explore anything that comes their way!

    Keep going Keturah & fam!

  • Sabin
    what a courageous & beautiful young woman, loves her children from the heart. Even though you may have access to info I think it`s what you feel in your gut that truly has the biggest effect, you can just feel that something is wrong & you have to do something about it. I was also glad that she didn't apologize for the decisions she & her husband made for their family as they have nothing to feel guilty for.
  • dubstepped
    Loved hearing her story, and my wife and I had a similar experience. We too had been building up the moment of our DAing for many years without knowing, now that we look at it. We just wanted "the truth" and allowed ourselves to question after enough things didn't make sense to us, and it took us away from everything we had believed in for our whole lives. I'm so happy for her and her family. Fly and be free!
  • Vidiot

    Every XJW who lives a happy, ethical, and whole life after leaving...


    ...puts the lie to the WT's claims about "apostates".

  • freemindfade
    cha ching
    I agree, it's not going into specifics about doctrine etc, just the general path she took. The more of this that is out there that lurkers and doubters allow themselves to watch, its going to erode the JW idea of what and apostate is.
  • What Now?
    What Now?

    Great video!

    In my experience, it seems that once people have kids, they go "uber-dub", even if they don't really believe it.


  • out4good4


    I think that that was perhaps the best DA video I've ever seen......

  • freemindfade
    They keep getting better and better.

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