Looking Back, Were You a JERK as a Witness???

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  • gitasatsangha

    Yeah I was a jerk. Easilly. I probably still am and don't know it, but where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise, as they say.

  • minimus

    I don't think that outside the congregation I was ever percieved as a "jerk". When I was a new, young elder, I'm sure I was. After realizing that I was no better than others, I think I developed a better attitude and was therefore more approachable and understanding. I never bothered or harrassed people and I always tried to give the benefit of the doubt to a person.....(the evolution of a jerk)

  • crinklestein

    I was considered a troublemaker because I was too logical. I asked too many questions. And had the unique ability to take a buttload of information, put it together, compare it to what is factual and see if it jives. And if it doesn't I have to question it and I'll ask anyone that's around me that might know. Because of this they councled me saying that I am spreading doubts. They actually said that those kind of thoughts are influenced by demons. I told them no, they're influenced by intellegence and logic and the need to understand and define my beliefs.

    I wasn't easliy led so that made me a troublemaker.

  • Lenoil

    Was I? Reallly? A jerk?

    Most witnesses found me a bit difficult as I dispensed with the magazines at the front doors and just went to have elongated discussions, discovering about the householders rather than anything the other way round I got a reputation for getting 'stuck on a door' with the other witnesses who invariable had to come back and tell me where they were going for tea as they'd finished the map and I was still discussing Also I used to encourage three way conversations which was really frowned upon It was at this time that I really began to enjoy the field service

    And I used to say some difficult things when responding at the hall which some people took me to task over and my interpersonal humour - poking too much fun at the JWs and/or myself in a social setting wasnt found to be to be too funny

    But - no generally I was only a jerk to witnesses

  • minimus

    LENOIL....You sound funny to me...Glad you posted!

  • Auntie Flame
    Auntie Flame

    Yup, sometimes...but then....I've always been H.U.M.A.N. (headupmy*ssnow)...heheheheh

    Auntie Flame, of the human class

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