Lowel MA. Convention, Plenty of Empty Seats

by RESPECTFUL OBSERVER 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • asp59

    Even IF it was full. The reallity that you visit every house in town inviting them to convention, but only JWs attending dont look good at all. They have to cut down on convention days soon.

  • blondie

    At least, there is not the scourge that jws are saving seats so there is nothing for the rest of the jws. One person saving 20 seats for immediate, not immediate family, and all their friends or people they want to be their friends.

  • Finkelstein

    I think more people are skipping assemblies and getting their information off of Jah's solemnly chosen web site JWorg.

    I believe Jehovah's holy spirit influenced Bill Gates and other people to start up the inter-net and computers just for this very purpose..

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