I'm curious. Are there sites which severely criticize other religions?

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  • berylblue

    I am asking this because I was always taught that the reason there are so many anti-WTS sites is because Witnesses have the true religion, and are therefore a special target of Satan. Satan already "has" the persons in all the other religions, so he doesn't need to whip them up into a frenzy over the lamentable things going on in their particular churches. Satan does, however, use persons (ostensibly, like me) to slander the true God and his organization. Hence, the proliferation of anti-Witness and "apostate" sites.

    So, first: Are there as many sites protesting, say, the Catholic religion? The Mormon? Islam?

    Second: If, indeed, anti-Witness sites far outnumber similar sites denouncing other religions, what do you feel is the reason? Are ex-Witnesses more vocal, and why?

    Personally, I suffered a fair deal from my Catholic upbringing, but I've never searched for a site about the flaws in Catholicism, nor would I post there. I need to reflect on this myself.

    Maybe I am, unknowingly, a tool of the Devil.

    I'm so confused.


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  • happyout

    Since you don't go into detail about what you suffered in your Catholic upbringing, I can't really compare, but I would venture to say they did not have the same manner of "shunning" and destroying families the way dubs do. There are many religions that have sites from former members, just do a google search and you'll find aplenty. Yet another dub fallacy easily destroyed, they are the only true religion because they are the only one with "apostates". What a bunch of baloney!

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Theres a mormon board right next door. http://www.exmormon.org/

    I think the only reason there are so many boards protesting JWs, Moonies and the like is that there is so much "damaged goods" out there. People who were in it and are never going to be the same because of being used by a bunch of jumped up, ignorant, opinionated little men..

  • Sargon


    One doesn't need a web site to expose the Catholic church, one merely needs a history book. For years the witnesses have been trying to suppress all negative publicity, much like the Catholic Inquisition. It's funny, the longer they go on the more they resemble the Babylon the Great that they despise so much.

    When I left the org. there was absolutely no literature to be found about the WTS, other than that they printed themselves. Modern jw's and ex-jws are lucky to have access to places like this.

  • JamesThomas

    This may seem outside of your questions but it's not. That is an interesting way to look at things; and it fits in perfect with the Witness programming that you are seemingly, still under. Though I know you probably don't want to hear it, it comes down to this: as long as you continue to embrace the carnal idea of a tiny anthropomorphized "person" god, a god that judges, kills and condemns, you are going to continue in confused drama. When you reduce and diminish what is Infinite, into simply another player in a bigger universe, you set the stage for a dramatic play. And, you are going to live your life in fear of pissing him off. There is a root to your problems, you need to go there. JamesT

  • logansrun


    No, you are not an agent of the Devil ;) One of the questions I had about my doubts before I exited the society was "why are the JWs given so much 'persecution' from opposers? Does this mean they are correct after all?" Well, all I had to do (and what you should do) is do some internet searches with keywords like these: "ex-mormon", "anti-mormon", "ex-born again", "ex-fundamentalist", "ex-seventh-day adventist" etc...I am postative you will come up with many sites devoted to helping others out of restrictive religions. I was part of a forum called "Walk Away From Fundamentalism" in which I was the only ex-JW! Some of the people there could be just as angry and, forgive me, crude in their humor about the conservative Christian religions they came from.

    All the same, I do feel that ex-JWs are a little more vocal then, say, ex-Fundamentalists. One of the reasons why is that this organization places even more control and is more cult-like than other branches of Christendom (yes the JWs are a part of Christendom). Remember too that most all ex-JWs have to deal with the most severest of blows -- shunning by friends and family. I think the resentment might be a little higher because of this fact. "Where there is smoke, there is fire."


  • logansrun

    Oh, one more thing....When I was taking part in the discussions with former fundamentalist Christians I asked them if they thought they really had "The Truth." All of them did feel this way very strongly. I also asked them to analyze what they thought about the Society's website and the JWs in general. The response was very fair and quite humerous. One person stated that he appreciated the JWs straight-forwardness but felt a (let's see if I can quote him) "scriveny, skin crawling feeling about them. Have you seen the movie "The Stepford Wives"? Well, this is the "Stepford Religion." Trust me, no one felt the JWs were very special.


    [email protected] if you ever need to talk further ;)

  • Elsewhere
    Are ex-Witnesses more vocal, and why?

    I think the reason there appears to be so many anti-witness web sites is because the Watchtower Society looks down on it's members creating their own web sites.

    The result of this is there is ONE official web site about Jehovah's Witnesses... and then the vast majority of the rest are anti-Jehovah's Witness.

    You are left with the illusion of a mass conspiracy against the JWs.

    If JWs felt free to create pro-JW sites, then the proportion of pro to anti web sites would be more "normal".

    Ironically, this "mass conspiracy" is being perpetrated against the JWs by the Watchtower Society itself..

  • xjw_b12

    Are there sites which severely criticize other religions?

    Do you mean besides the Watchtower's official Web site ?

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