Do you or others you know own a home security system? POLL

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  • pr_capone

    I began working at ADT almost 3 months ago and am curious to know how many homeowners actually have a security system. If you dont have one, do you want one? If you dont want one, how come? With the recent flood of personal questions, I invite anyone to check up me to verify my information is correct. 1-800-ADT-ASAP. Tell them you need to get in contact with a rep by the name of Eric Granell in Wichita, KS. Town # 892.

    1. I own a security system and am VERY happy with it.

    2. I own a security system but am umhappy with the equipment.

    3. I own a security system but am unhappy with the service.

    4. I dont own a security system but have thought about it.

    5. I dont own one and I dont want one

    6. I have a big dog, thats my security system.

    If you answer 2, 3, or 4... would it be ok if I sent you a PM?



  • xjw_b12

    " Good afternoon, Wichita Police Department..How may I direct your call ? "

    Yes this is xjw_b12. I would like to lodge a complaint. It seems there is a pr_capone posting on JWD, posing as an ADT employee, soliciting information as to whether other members have security systems in their houses.

    " Surely Sir, people on JWD wouldn't be foolish enough to give that information to a stranger over the internet "

    Ummmh...Well I don't know about that, have you ever visited this site ?

    " Sir what would you like us to do about it.?

    Well I'd like you to investigate him. I mean he's only been on the board since December 2002, and he is already up to almost 700 posts, and that really pissies me off !

    " I'm sorry Sir, that really dosen't concern us.... Goodbye "

    HEY ERIC !

    #1 Installed by Smith and Wesson Security Systems.

    #6 Provided by Rotweillers R Us

    Thanks for letting me have some fun

  • Sargon

    LOL @ xjw

    I've got the world's best security system... I don't buy anything anyone else would want.

  • pr_capone

    LOL @ xjw

    I am basicaly trying to understand why people wouldnt want an alarm system in their home. My home was broken into about 9 months ago. I immediately moved and had an alarm system installed.

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    my answer is #1.

    We were broken into twice within a year in our old house. When we built our present home 15 years ago we put in a system and I love it.

  • teenyuck

    Hi pr_,

    We have one but it is not hooked up...

    Our neighbors behind us have flood lights that go on at dusk...the neighbor next door comes home and turns his on...they shine on our home due to the lay of the street curve.

    We have a street light in front of our home. I think we are safe. All the neighbors have the system and it is running (came with the new home).

    BTW, I moved from Wichita to Ohio about 3.5 years ago....we lived off 13th street, way on the east side. Past Rock Rd, past the next light going east....13th turned to a dirt road about 1/2 mile from where we were. Very nice there, but dull. Not a whole lot to do. We were there for 3.5 years. Moved there from Cincinnati.

    What part do you live in?

  • pr_capone

    Teeny - I live off Douglas in downtown Wichita. The street I live off is called Ellis, very close Washington exit on Kellogg.

    Have you considered having your system monitored? If so, I might be of some assistance, even if you are in Ohio.

    email me if you like at [email protected]

  • pr_capone

    You are also quite correct in saying that there is NOTHING to do here in Wichita. Boring as hell... damn I cant wait for Dallas! LOL

  • myself

    I have a monitored alarm system (I worked for an alarm company for 5 years) I didn't take up the boss on an offer for a free system until my next door neighbor was murdered, because we raise German Shepherds. In the five years I learned how to trouble shoot problems, program thu remote access, install and sell the systems. Now I work in auto parts and can at least do a basic tune up.

  • noidea

    My apartment was broken into a few weeks ago. I was at home at the time and it all happened so fast. I don't have an alarm system but since then I have made an addition..a 38.

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