Oprah Talks to a Child Molester today at 4p dallas time

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I'm not about revenge...I'm about education, self-empowerment

    Amen to that. I couldn't have put it better myself.


    I saw the show, we get Oprah in Canada. Weird feeling to watch the molester speak. I did appreciate how he lets people know of his history, including his own landlord who has a daughter. He seems to feel a sense of responsibility toward his community. He seems determined to not molest again. He consciously avoids letting himself into "tempting" situations, even leaving a bus once when he saw someone who he was attracted to sexually. . . even mentioning that he had a "type".

    I especially took note that he believes that molesters are never cured. He seems determined that he will not molest again by reminding himself that he does not want to ruin his victim's life. I sincerely hope he will never molest again.

    If he lived in my neighborhood, I would not trust him if I had small children. I would prepare them for how to handle any situation that they were in (if that is possible). Or else I would move away. Too much discomfort . . . to be reminded of abuse issues every time I saw the man.


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