Dont you hate it when you bump into other JW's....

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  • Scully


    You're absolutely right! It's just SO VERY entertaining to put JWs on the spot. I saw one turn up her nose to me in a shunning-strike, so I walked right up to her and hugged her in the middle of the grocery store and said "Hi!!! It's so good to see you!! How have you and (hubby) been?? Your kids must be so grown up by now!! Well, gotta run, things to do... people to see! Say hello to the Friends for me!!"

    Meanwhile, she's just about soiling herself in terror at the thought of being hugged by someone she's not sure if she should shun or not (I am not DFd or DAd, to the best of my knowledge). And I'm long gone, laughing myself silly that I've been so LOVING and FRIENDLY and put this person into shock at the same time.

    Kill them with love and kindness. It's priceless.

    Love, Scully

  • starfish422

    My oldest brother's wife ignores me with a vengeance (and not just me, also my never-been-a-JW husband, for whom she should ostensibly have no reason to shun); won't even make eye contact or say hello when circumstances put us in the same place at the same time. So when I went to my worldly uncle's wedding a few years ago and the whole fam was there, I did the same thing; put her on the spot and she HAD to respond or seem incredibly rude in front of everyone in the room (it was brilliantly timed to be during a lull in conversation so all could hear us). She mumbled a "hi" and walked away.

    Quotes refers to us as "social pariahs" and that's what we seem to be. If no one else is around, the Dubs might deign to say hi; but if others from the flock are watching, they will fall all over themselves to avoid eye contact or whatever.

    I've never before had the power to make someone else sooooo uncomfortable; I kinda enjoy it, in a wicked sort of way! LOL

  • Billygoat

    Scully and Maverick,

    Y'all are hilarious! I wish I knew some dubs here in Dallas I could do that to. It would be a hoot! But I was DFed years ago in another state. I have no past here. That I know of.

    I love y'alls apostate senses of humor!



    Actually I love to run into the dubs, I see them quite often where I live. The sheer look of terror that comes on thier face when they see me is most fulfilling. They know that I will speak to them and when they dont I usually get really loud with them(especially in a place like a mall) and beg for thier forgiveness on straying from the flock, usually it's most embarrassing for them and funny as sh*t to me.

  • Maverick

    Dear Bullygoat: Who y-all callin' an apostate! Them thar's fightin' words! No, but seriously I am not the one who claims to be Gods only channel to mankind. I'm not the one who inserts loyalty to me as proof of loyalty to God. I don't usurp Jesus as mediator between mankind and the True God. And I don't pass judgment on people and order everyone else to shun them and treat them as if God already killed them! I don't make prophesy and them amend it when if fails to come true. If I must be called an apostate, it is an apostate of the GoverningBodyGod enthroned in Brooklyn. Li'le ol' Maverick

  • SheilaM

    Do you mean bump into as in with a car? LOL

  • blackout

    WOW, my post actually got reply's thi is my only OP woohoo, might try another one now.

    I like the birthday trick and will try the hug one.

    But I also meant that when you see an old friend and neither of you are sure.

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