“Do You Know the Time?” From WT Sept 2018

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  • skin

    There is a one page article in the current WT study mag, Sept 2018 pg 22 with the title “Do You Know the Time?”

    In that article it describes a number of different ways you can say the time is 1:30. It goes on to say “There are even places where that same time could be expressed as “half two,” meaning 30 minutes before two”

    What I would like to know is this, where in the world does “half 2” mean 1:30? Here in New Zealand, when we say “half 2”, we are saying that the time is 2:30. A shortened way of saying “half past 2”.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    At least the question wasn't followed up by "Is it later than you think?"

    Now that would really be a pointless question. :p

  • Tameria2001

    It is 2:36 am....no it's 2:37 am... no it 2:38 ah forget about it.

  • Listener

    A quick google suggests that this might be the case in the German language.

  • LOLS

    In Afrikaans here in South Africa "Half Twee(2)": is actually 1:30

  • skin

    Thanks Listener & LOLS.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @LOLS Yeah, same in German. We say "halb zwei' (literally translates into "half two"). It's like a condensed way of saying half an hour 'til two.

    Works even when expressing the 15 minute intervals (quarter past/quarter to). So, one forty-five would become "viertel vor zwei".

    Edit: Ah, @Listener beat me to it.

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    And the dutch language too

  • menrov

    It is done in some English speaking countries too. I got confused when they did that. So, it is not a lie in this case

  • pale.emperor

    Yh this was confusing for me when I was learning German. To be safe I stick to saying the time like a 24hr clock, like "one thirty" (ein dreißig) or "two thirty" (zwei dreißig) instead.

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