What will 1914 (DROPPED) mean for you (EX-JW)

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    I don't think they will drop 1914, not yet. Just think about this: THE INFORMATION AGE! The age that busted Bill Cosby! The age that makes or breaks careers with Twitter! The GB are trying to beat THE INFORMATION AGE....... IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

    Back in the day you could be a movie star, politician, or sports star and be a real DICK in your personal life and guess what?? Nobody knew it!! Sure people gossiped like always, but how far did it really go? Not too far. Oh sure, some legends floated around about how Howard Hughes had issues but who really KNEW it?

    What about Bill "Pudding Pop" Cosby? He never did those things 40 years ago, that was a "fact" for most people. It was "fact" a few months ago, but THEN..... THE INFORMATION AGE balanced the scales!!!! Now everyone KNOWS....

    Well then, what does this mean for the WTBTS? They simply cannot afford one more blunder, not with EVERYTHING ELSE that has been exposed over time by THE INFORMATION AGE. Joining the U.N, Mexico/Malawi, OSCE, Pedo cover-ups, their own TRUE history and origins, these are all contributing factors to the decline of the WTBTS. They don't need anymore problems! 1914 is THE linchpin that holds the wheels on the chariot of GOD. The WTBTS cannot drop 1914, not yet, there's too much heat.

    Anyway, when they "adjust" 1914's significance, I will tell my wife, " I told you so." We had a discussion about a month before the "Imitate Jesus" convention. I explained to her that she had no "beliefs", only the latest doctrine, until it changes. Then the GB Helper, Brother Sycophant McPinkieRing said this from stage about the new Jesus book, "Blah, blah, blah, this book contains our updated doctrinal views." LOL!!! I snickered out loud and my wife KNEW!!! She tensed up and briefly glanced my way, but had to look away at the giant screen, her euphoria interrupted.

    The truth is a cruel mistress at times.


  • notsurewheretogo
    What will it mean? Everything to me...because I told my still-in family it will happen and if it does it will surely have a hand in waking them up.
  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam

    1914, great sense for debate with my mother in the past. I gave up on my mother accepting me for understanding the real truth to many matters. 15 years ago, I told her I did not believe any more and she said she could not talk to me any more. She missed my children's birth and growing up. She recently texted me, "Son I love you and miss you". I immediately texted her back that I love them and wish for them to be in my life again. Although she is still a regular pioneer in her 70's, she expressed that she love's me, and wants to see us. We now visit them and the JW theme is avoided, the real truth wins again. "Respect!"

    "Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood".

    George Orwell, 1984.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    What about Bill "Pudding Pop" Cosby? He never did those things 40 years ago, that was a "fact" for most people. It was "fact" a few months ago, but THEN..... THE INFORMATION AGE balanced the scales!!!! Now everyone KNOWS.

    DD I totally agree with you. The information age has finally caught up with the Watchtower’s secrets. Just two years ago when I woke up-----

    I had no idea how large the child sexual abuse was. That was just two years ago. I had no idea of the U.N. deal with the WT, no idea of Malawi/Mexico; actually I had no idea of anything.

    2 years and one month ago I was auxiliary pioneering.

    In two years the internet has exposed “To Me” all the smut the WT has been involved in. It took about a year to assimilate the information and leave the Watchtower

    Now if that happened to me, a dedicated JWs for 40 years and it changed my mind to the point of leaving regardless, I wonder how many JWs right now are going through the same thing I went through, a rude awaking.

  • skin

    I think we will find that when it does get dropped it will mean nothing to the average witness, no shock or WHAT! from them. I even think today that most witnesses don't even understand or know the meaning or significance of 1914. Because of this lack of knowledge regarding the importance of 1914 that most witnesses currently have, they will view the dropping of it has just more evidence that Jehovah is guiding the faithful slave. More reason to remain steadfast in this organization.

    The reason I say this is because I have tried to help some who are completely wrapped up in this religion see some hard hitting facts about the wtbts and they can't or won't even consider it, and then I get an ear full about being negative towards the organization. Can't get through to them here so very unlikely 1914 or any other changes will wake them up.

  • vinman
    If any one in the organization was like I was when they preached that the generation would not pass away, they will welcome the change. Around 1990, I wrote to the Watchtower asking if that was going to be a doctrine that changes or is it like the hell fire doctrine. My reason for asking is because 1) I did not want to get my hopes up 2) I was tired of everyone serving Jehovah because of a date 3) I did not want organization to look foolish if it did pass. An elder came to me and said that they have received a reply. Obviously, it wasn't a direct answer. But he kept saying "We serve Jehovah Forever". I would say, "well that is true but... Then he would repeat that expression. Regardless of how we may want things to go down, the sincere witness does not serve with dates in mind. Instead of viewing GB as liars, many feel that this simply means that they are "keeping on the watch". Overall, most witnesses feel that the machine is greater than it's individual parts. In other words, the organization is God's regardless of GB misinterpreting scripture. The sincere ones are only concerned about serving Jehovah forever.
  • Phizzy

    I was one of those "sincere ones" Vinman, I viewed Armageddon , if it came in my lifetime, as merely a hiccup in my service to Jehovah. I even gave a Talk early in 1975 about not serving with a date in mind, but that we serve forever, a couple of Elders didn't like the tone of the Talk, but could not fault it.

    I think too my view of the WT leaders was exactly as you describe, I thought, until I woke and left, that they were sincere, and that they were imperfect, hence their many blunders, but that it was still god's Org.

    I did wake up though, after 58 years in, so there is hope that some more of those "sincere ones" will also do so.

    I hope so for their sake, many such lovely people are trapped in the cult by false ideas. Often those ideas are ones developed by themselves to cope with the Cognitive Dissonance of believing it is god's Org, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

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