Looking for scans of Feb 15, 2003 WT on anointing

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  • Dogpatch

    Hi friends,

    I'm looking for scans (or better yet, the mag itself) of the Feb 15, 2003 Watchtower, especially pages 13-22. Apparently the articles says:

    From the February 15,2003 Watchtower magazine, the
    following are shown about the non "born again"
    (144,000) Jehovah's Witnesses:

    (1) They are NOT anointed- They are "...others, in
    addition to Christ's anointed followers..."(p.19,#9)

    (2) They are NOT sons of God- "...anointed Christians
    that they...'are God's children'...God's Spirit gives
    them a sense of sonship toward him..."(p.21,#18)

    (3) They are NOT led by the spirit- "...spirit
    anointed and should partake of the Memorial
    emblems...'All who are led by the spirit are sons of
    God'...(Romans 8:14)"(p.19,#7)

    (4) They do NOT partake in the Memorial (Communion)-
    See #3 above(p.19,#7)

    (5) They are NOT in the new covenant- "Anointed
    Christians are certain of their heavenly hope of
    having been taken into the new covenant."(p.22,#19)
    Also: "The parties to the new covenant are God and
    anointed ones(Jer.31:31-34,Heb.12:22-24). Jesus is the
    mediator...made them part of Abraham's

    (6) They do NOT have Jesus as their mediator-see

    (7) They are NOT part of Abraham's seed-see

    (8)They do NOT have "the seed"- "By his spirit and
    Word, God implants 'the seed' that makes the
    individual a 'new creation' with heavenly

    (9) They are NOT a "new creation"-see #8 (p.21,#19)

    (10) They are NOT members of "spiritual Israel"-
    "...today's other sheep...along with the members of
    spritual Israel."(p.20,#10)

    (11) They are NOT joint "heirs" with Christ-rather,
    "...they resemble the present day remnant of Kingdom

    (12) They are NOT in the Kingdom covenant-"The
    anointed are sure of their hope. They have been taken
    into an additional covenant, the Kingdom

    (13) Some (even MUCH) of the Bible is NOT even written
    to them- "The Apostle Paul discussed it when writing
    to anointed Christians in Corinth."(p.12,#3)
    Also: "You [anointed Christians] know

    (14) They do NOT partake of the Memorial (Communion)
    "to proclaim their faith"- "Individual anointed
    Christians would partake of the Memorial emblems until
    death. Thus, before Jehovah God and the world, they
    would repeatedly proclaim their faith..." (p.13,#7)

    (15) They are NOT "at peace" with Jehovah- "Eating at
    Jehovah's table signifies that the partakers are at
    peace with him."(p.16,#21)

    Anyone able to scn or send me a mag?

    Randy Watters

    Net Soup!


  • acsot

    Hi Randy:

    I'll check at home, I'm still technically "in" so get the mags. Do you want others? I can probably send one of each of the latest from January to now. It'll be snail mail, don't have a scanner (yet).

  • alamb

    please scan it for us and post it here if you can!

  • imanaliento

    I can't go through that mag BECAUSE I sent it back in the mail after they were in our circle ( I can't believe they didn't know it was our house). So both the WT and Awake got mailed to the dub whose car I spotted in the vacinity with www.silentlambs.com written on the cover and the halls address as the return. LOL

  • Deleted

    Nice piece, Dogpatch! I'll have to save this one when someone gets a copy available. Deleted.

  • Pistoff

    email me an address; i can send you the copy in the mail


  • plmkrzy

    I have the Feb 15th WT

    I can scan it and post it if you want.

    It might take me about 20 min.

    I'll do it and if you don't need it afterall then it will be posted anyway.


  • plmkrzy

    Here is the link

    I had to re0install my scanner it took awhile

    I'll post each page in a min.

    But if you want you can click on the link and if you copy target and save it to your pictures you can print it out full scale

    I had to minimize the pages on the web page to fit.


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  • plmkrzy

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  • plmkrzy

    I asked Simon to see about fixing this.

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    Sorry about the big mess.

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