English Elder pokes fun at invalids AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Dansk

    Further to ISP's recent post, I can confirm that Jamie Reid of the Whitefield, Manchester Congregation, England has, once again, been making fun of invalids in his congregation. I spoke FACE TO FACE with a member of his congregation the other day and he confirmed that the reports are true.

    My informant (hereafter known as the "mole") told me that the two brothers Elder Reid poked fun at are called Roy Taylor and Justin Brooks. Roy Taylor is said to be devoted to the JWs, always out on field service and never misses a meeting. Unfortunately, he is said to be a little "slow". Justin Brooks was starved of oxygen as a baby and has had to live with the consequences - but he, again, never misses meetings and always gives good answers. Roy Taylor is about retirement age and Justin Brookes is in his twenties.

    The mole told me that Elder Reid was lately in his car with his wife, who is a regular pioneer, and two other regular pioneers, one a teenage boy. Reid kept making fun of the people mentioned, immitating their speech and actions - all to the amusement of his wife. The two pioneers in the back of the car told him to stop, that it wasn't funny - and even his wife told him (probably because it was upsetting those in the back of the car).

    The young pioneer reported the incident to an elder. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE!!! Remember, Reid's father is the P.O. and their good friend is the CO!!

    Now get this! In disgust the young pioneer HAS LEFT THE CONGREGATION!!!

    The mole tells me Jamie Reid, School Overseer, is protected by his P.O. father, guaranteeing his impunity. The young pioneer is prepared to go before the CO and DO to state what happened - but doesn't think it would do any good, especially now he's left and because of the Reid's close-knit friendship with the CO.

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  • crinklestein

    Of course nothing is done. The elders are immune to the policies they are sworn to uphold. Didn't you get the memo? :) Now tell me how they are different from the Catholic Church...

  • Urpi

    Hi Dans, One of the things made me leave my Congregation was the lack of love. Too many information, too many dates, too many little books, too many magazines ............ but too little love. ┬┐dont you agree?


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