all prophecy fulfilled

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  • jst_me

    So, apparently they are saying at assemblies that all bible prophecy except for babylon the great has fallen have been fulfilled

    anyone else heard this?

  • JH

    How about peace and security.

    How about seperating the goat from the sheep.

    How about preaching the good news all over china.

  • kat_newmas

    Any "Prophecy" that JW's have fulfilled, they have perhaps done themselves...

    Replace the league of nations... with the watchtower bible and t, Society.

    They are the epidomy of everything that represents the concept of the anti-christ.

    Those who have come to you and said "I am without sin, you must follow me, because I know the path you should take to god." .... and most of us believed them.

  • Buster

    Well, yeah. I mean what was left after the seven angels of Revelation poured out those seven bowls at the assemblies during the 20's? At that point it was all over but the 10,000 falling at my one side and some more at my other side. That why Armageddon came in 19 ... Ooops, nevermind


    Scare tactics.....once more.

    1 week from now; 1 month; 1 year; 1 decade - you are gonna still be here.....yes, even if you are a faithful Dub.

    IF you're a believer in Borgism, then you'll be scared all the time, with new light and more fulfilled prophecy .

    Stress and anxiety are so much fun.

    Waiting for what? who knows...invent something, it's bound to work.

  • JeffT

    I remember an elder telling me that exact same thing (all the prophesies are fulfilled) in 1974.

  • Sargon

    Same old crap from the society, it should change it's name to the Watchtower and Chicken Little Bible Society; and appoint the Boy Who Cried Wolf onto the GB!!

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    ..."all bible prophecy has been fulfilled".....

    And what amazing fullfillments all those Biblical Prophecies have!! Truly our God is a mighty God!! Wicked old Babylon the Great has been "cast off" and rejected (symbolically speaking of course). If only the leaders of Babylon would recognize it! But they are too arrogant to admit that Jehovah has abandoned them. Pretty much like the World government leaders in 1914. Too proud to admit that Jesus invisible Kingdom was established ( invisibly, of course) and hand over world control to the bible students.

  • Swan

    Wow! That really takes me back. I remember hearing this back in the 70's. I think the only one that hadn't been fulfilled was when the UN outlawed all religion and then turned on the JWs. That had to do with the apple of the eye or something like that. Anyway, Bro. Baxter, our CO then, kept saying to watch the UN.

    25+ years later the UN has turned against the JWs -- by correctly reporting on their letterhead that for ten years the WTBTS was an NGO. Funny how things work out!


  • Elsewhere

    Funny how "everything" keeps happening..... except for the end.

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