Coronavirus: Will the org invoke new donations direction?

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Since donations boxes are going to lie empty for who knows how long, will the Warwick parasites instruct (aka insist) JW's to now donate via bank standing order?

  • WTWizard

    They would rather have the machines at the boasting sessions as long as possible. And, when they are forced to cancel the boasting sessions, donations will be through their web site via credit card. Get into debt to donate, when you might just need the money to pay for your hospital bill if you get very sick. (And it need not be coronavirus. I have been planning for small and medium emergencies having nothing to do with the virus. Suppose I get a toothache during the worst of it. Obviously, I will not be seeing the dentist because then I might have coronavirus AND a toothache). Would it be better to get a bottle of ibuprofen or even cloves for this?

    Not to mention, in a quarantine, many will be temporarily out of work. Are they thinking that, if someone is out of work for a month, they might have trouble affording rent? Those bills do not take time out because of a pandemic. How much worse is that going to be if they are supposed to be further in debt donating to the washtowel? I think being in debt because of this preparation for the shortages (which are already starting to hit many areas) and that one might be that month behind in rent and utilities is enough. How do they know that, if they donate now, they won't be out of work for their month the very next week? Until this resolves, I advise donating nothing. And I mean NOTHING.

    The uncertainty is enough to warrant no stupid or unnecessary spending until you know how it will turn out. For me, that means not buying silver until I am sure I will not lose my job for a period of time, without pay. (Obviously, if it turns out that I work through it, and lose nothing, I will have extra money to buy that much more silver afterward.) I would rather risk losing the opportunity to pay $15 per ounce now than risk not making rent because of a 2-4 week suspension of work due to a lockdown or quarantine.

    Which means, if I can suspend buying silver until I know how my finances are going to turn out (all purchases I am making now are either to prepare for the coming shortages or to actually enjoy it a bit, or to improve my health to improve my chances of getting only a "cold" or not getting it at all), why can't the jokehovians suspend donating to the washtowel? Silver holds worth--there is the risk I could be paying more than $30 per ounce in July or August when I know I am not going to be out of work, but I already have quite a bit. Donations--well, what value do they have? What are they actually sacrificing by cutting donations to zero?

  • Phizzy

    They said in the letter to U.K Elders they will tell them later how Contributions can be made.

  • RubaDub

    Call the 800 number flashing at the bottom of the screen. Have your credit or debit card ready. The first 25 callers each day will have the name of their congregation mentioned during morning worship at Bethel.

    Rub a Dub

  • caves

    Possibly, but many will donate without a push from the WT, thinking that its going to be used to "help".

  • 2+2=5

    I do wonder if the WT is going to use this pandemic for leverage to introduce permanent changes to how they operate.

    They’ve been looking to trim fat, that could now accelerate.

    If they say some bullshit like “we are selling 80% of assets in prep of the great tribulation, follow very closely all directions from the slave, stay close to the brothers now is the time for faith, for those without a relationship with jehovah now it’s to late.. yada yada”

    The fervent excitement among the sheep could even see a spike in donations. Less questions about big sales, less time to ponder child abuse issues and wacky doctrine

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