Anyone think Assemblies will stop?

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  • ttdtt

    No - they need them. It is part of the control structure.

    They will always have 3 a year to mimic the ones Isreal had.
    Of course there won't be any party or dancing that went on back then.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    No way would they dump the assemblies. 1) makes the members feel like they are part of something bigger than the local congregation and 2) (MOST IMPORTANT) they make a ton of MONEY$$$$.

    If the assemblies ever stopped being a major source of revenue or if they can come up with a new scheme that costs less to operate and brings in more revenue, then they will stop. That's the only reason.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Circus Assemblies are a fixed source of guaranteed revenue now that they have a pre-designated “fee per person“ arrangement.

    District conventions have always been a huge cash cow. But, that could’ve changed since the venues are now much smaller and there is less excitement and since there are no longer new releases to be giddy about (and feel obligated to donate for their “printing cost”).

    As long as they bring cash flowing into WT, you can be sure they will continue.

  • Spiral

    I think they'll continue, because just having a video "assembly" at the kingdom hall/assembly hall (at least in the combination buildings I've seen in the past) is nothing special. Just like being at the meeting, only longer. The bOrg probably knows that the sheeples need something special to look forward to (ugh) and the assemblies kinda provide that. And, if you're single and a good little dub (no online dating allowed for you!) there really isn't anywhere else to meet anyone unless you're special enough to be on a KH build, or whatever the special privilege du jour happens to be.

    But without the excitement of a new book release it is tricky. People in general don't spend unless they have something tangible in hand to connect it to.

    But, going to all one and two day only assemblies in the future? Maybe.

  • Jayk
    There's convention halls built specifically for the witnesses. So I could see streaming but also still having people meet who can afford it.
  • LostAdam

    If they stop how to meet your eternal love??

  • Vidiot

    Someday, maybe.

    They'll pare it down to fewer days before that happens, though.

  • sparrowdown

    The question was not whether books will stop but whether assemblies will stop and the answer from me, is NO, I do not think assemblies will stop - not now and maybe not ever.

    JWcon up there with Comicon -to them.

  • skin

    A lot of interesting comments on this one. Recently our circuit had a change of city location for an assembly. It was suggested to those who did not need to travel, that the money they saved on accommodation could be put in the contribution boxes at that assembly.

  • Vidiot

    Barb Anderson has suggested that the Org is transitioning itself into a predominenty internet-based religion (and I think she's probably right).

    If and when they ended up selling off the rest of the Kingdom Halls (which - let's face it - looks a lot more likely now than, say, five years ago, and IMO, dovetails nicely with that hypothesis)...

    ...still having once-a-year conventions at big venues would theoretically continue to reinforce membership solidarity, and bring in vital revenue flow.

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