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    I was looking through some old wedding day pics of me and my wife, forty-one years ago tomorrow btw, and I came across this one. How many of you recognize the item hanging on the wall in the background?

  • Makena1

    Wow - I have not seen one of those in a long time. It's the congregration month by month service report - hours, mags, rv's, bible studies etc.

    I remember as a youngster helping pick find the numbers that were pasted to the board.



  • garybuss

    Wall chart! Oh yes! We had two later on, one for the East Unit and one for the West Unit. One Service Meeting a month was devoted to looking at the chart and the Company Servant pointed to lines with a wood dowell. It was the activity and distribution record of a distribution center of a book publishing company. Ghosts and gods???? . . . . rubbish!

  • BluesBrother

    Yes, Yes, Yes !

    The Publishers records were stuck up for all to see. It dominated not only visually, but also the thinking of the "Brothers". Fogures, quotas , percentage increases were paramount to the faithfull

    individuals were urged to meeet their quota of 10 hours, 10 magazines and 5 back calls per month. Congs strove to get a 10% increase in publishers every April, or was it May? Woe betide you if you had not reported That month!


    It was great, wasn't it! If you visited another Kingdon Hall, you could tell just how "theocratic" that congregation was as soon as you walked through the door!

  • Undecided

    I hadn't thought about those things in years. You go back a few years too, wasn't those charts back in the 50s? I can remember adding up the time slips and posting to the record cards. Wow, how time flies.

    Ken P.

  • Shutterbug

    I can remember those things from the early fifties when I was a teenager. I can also remember those folding chairs and no carpet on the floors, were all halls alike back then as they seem to be now ?? Sitting on those chairs for two or more hours was pure hell for a teenager and, I suppose, small children. It was also difficult to sleep in them.

    Thanks for the memories, Bug

  • qwerty

    So if you did not get your quota in, it would be a name and shame chart?!

    Did everyones names appear on it?


  • xjw_b12

    Yeah that brings back memories, but none of them good !

    bug I think you're right about hall furnishings. Could have been any of the halls I attended in the 60's. Same tacky floor tiles, metal chairs that made your butt fall asleep, and how bout that podium ! LOL

    So if you did not get your quota in, it would be a name and shame chart?!

    No, no individual names. For each month, it just gave the total number of publishers reporting, hours of field service, bible studies, etc. Kind of a field service report for the whole congregation. Of course, every good dub would do their part to keep the numbers up, especially when the "Circuit Servant" - as they were called back then - was due for a visit!

    Aaahhh! The good old days!

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