Watchtard Dancing Around the Word "Rapture"

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  • freemindfade

    There were so many things wrong with this weeks watchtower, its hard to pick one, but one that really bothered me was this watchtower business and their delivery.

    I have never seen them quite have to explain something away like this in a study article like this before. Shows me they are battling people feeling confused. basically they outline how Lett Morris and the boys will be raptured away, then go into detail how this is not a rapture.

    You see, according to them, the connotation of the word "Rapture, is that your physical body goes to heaven, and they don't THATS JUST UNSCRIPTURAL, so because that is the connotation, we don't call it "Rapture"

    Give me a break. The idea in general is the rapture, primarily, secondarily, the detail about physical or not, is a smaller component. But after years of railing on doctrine of other religions, when you start teaching them yourselves I guess you have to do damage control...

    Eff this cult

  • Oubliette

    It's totally the rapture.

    The latest WT teaching is essentially what Fundamentalist Christians mean when they use the term: Rapture, (minor details aside). Although I doubt JWs will start using the term anytime soon.

    JW's now believe in The Rapture

  • freemindfade


    Just funny how they have to play the "connotation" card to get their asses of the hook with the R&F

  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    "They will be transferred, with the twinkling of an eye... and their physical bodies disposed of..."

    In other words, when the GB makes off with the money and disappears (to the Camen Islands), we're supposed to think they were "non-raptured" away. And when Sister-thinks-she's-annointed is still munching crackers at the memorial, we'll all know she was faking it. The heretic!

  • tidalblitz

    Indeed! This one had my head spinning. I know I had a confused and upset look on my face while reading this in the watchtower. I wonder if anybody noticed?

    It's damn amazing how nobody even questions this stuff! Or even talk about it. Damn sheep. There could not be a more apt word for describing the r&f.. sheeple..

  • prologos
    The remains taken care of by funeral angels, no memorial tombs, a non-rapture teaching they can "refine " until 2075, and then according to paragraph 11, not just the generation, but these events can overlap.
  • StarTrekAngel

    I don't know. The last time I checked, the bible describes Jesus being taken up to the clouds, so what it this thing of it not being a rapture because flesh and blood can not enter heaven? Ok, may be his body was disposed of while in ascend (probably in the cold and vacuum of space LOL) but why would it be different this time around?

    The study as a whole was one of the worst I've ever seen. Specially par 4, where it talks about how the people of Jehovah have remained clean of the harlot. When that and a few other comments went on, an elderly sister raised her hand. She must have this inside her and had to let it out. I say that because she had to clarify that her comment was a bit off topic. While she did comment on the working of other churches, she reminded everyone how the Catholic church had covered so much child abuse and deserved to be destroyed along with all other false religion.

    To top it off, the dinner for the public talk speaker was at my house. Fortunately the guy did not stay, because I could tell he was heavily indoctrinated and we would probably not have any good conversations other than preach preach preach. All the sisters in our group showed up but the elder husbands had to stay behind for a meeting (CO visit is this week). I was the only male there so I had to do the prayer. I wonder how hypocrite dear holier than thou sister thought of me. I sat down with my wife and two other elderly sisters. I figure this way I could chalk up the non-sense talk to old age. I am glad I did.

  • freemindfade
    I think they do notice and their heads spin too, except instead of saying "wtf?" the rank and file turn on the CD. I can hear it in so many comments, like every sunday. The comments sound like excuses and unsure reinforcement that sometimes sounds more like another question than a confident statement.

    My wife complains and blames it on the hall, but i think this is probably going on in most places. Shuffling doctrine and walking on "spiritual" egg shells doesn't look good.
  • prologos

    the worst is, that the anointed overlappers , the generation that passes away, is raptured upward long enough before Armageddon, to train and participate in that slaughter, a killing billed as "the worst that ever happened since the world's beginning", that should therefore occurs before the generation dies off, and not after the generation has "not passed away". so, even if this phantasy prophecy comes true as pronounced, it is already false, contradicting Jesus. pay rapt attention please.

    BSW: wt writing staff must have been reading apostate sites that championed the "rapture" parody, a word not heard in the khs to react to it and respond.

  • JWdaughter
    I remember bible study with other christians. . . it never seemed like they were constantly revising and developing new doctrine-making it up as they go along-as the WT seems so inclined to do. Does it occur to them that stopping and thinking about the crap they spew so much would result in less crap spewing and "tacking"? They seem to be more confused than their followers.

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