How much do JW's RESPECT their kids?

by anti-absolutism 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • kat_newmas

    Hey, dont get me wrong. I am with you on that. But that has been going on in some form since the begining of man. There will always be those who lead, and those who follow. The slaved and slave master. Without it... there would be anarchy. So this is the price you pay for being able to drive on paved roads and have indoor plumbing.... society itself is a necessary evil.

    I have not held with much that jw's believe. But I do not interfere in the affairs of man... period. What course man chooses, is not my concern. But for me.... I am glad to have had the foundation they gave me.... they taught me to outsmart the system, in a sense. I mean.. I was taught at an early age... that man's affairs are his own... maybe for the wrong reasons... but there is wisdom in some of their teachings.... my only point.

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