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  • garybuss


    What a gift and to so many! The manner of releasing the new book Children was an outright surprise to all, but the almighty hand of the All-wise One, Jehovah, was in it, and the maneuver was most blessed indeed. Thereafter Children, the author's edition, was disposed of to adult conventioners, on a contribution.

    The blessings of the Assembly were further enhanced by the afternoon session, which Provided a delightful anticlimax to ''Children's Day''. The Arena was again packed out to hear about ''Your New Work'' and the president's parting words. For weeks the question had been upon many consecrated minds, and at 3 p.m. the first speaker, the factory and office servant at Brooklyn, disclosed the "new work'', to wit, the placing of Children, and thereafter, over a period of three weeks, sending each obtainer of Children, at no extra cost to him, the "Children Study Course'', to wit, three attractive, illuminated question-and-answer folders, these to be followed the fourth week by a back-call service by the one placing Children. Another speaker, on "Solving the Problem'', showed how the new book, together With the ''Children Study Course'', provided the solution for the problem of company publishers to reach their individual quota of twelve back-calls monthly and one model study weekly, as suggested in the recent communication of the president of the Society. Three speakers then spoke, each briefly on "When to Begin", and were in concert as to the answer, that Now in the time.

    The Watchtower September, 15 1942 Page 288


    Does anyone remember the excitement strategies used by the Society to drum up enthusiasm for literature distribution? I must have sat through a thousand of these drum roll moments as a Witness while a new stack of boxed books were carried out.


  • blondie

    Gary, I can remember that when the red book, "Your Youth, Getting the Best Out of It," the WTS used the same tactic of having everyone under 21 sit in the front rows at the convention. Lyman Swingle gave the talk and his voice boomed out, "Young brothers and young sisters." My mother told me they did the same thing with the Children book. Of course, they did not discourage marriage because the end was near like in the Children book. That was probably because the Youth book came out in 1976. My mother said it was a good thing certain brothers and sisters ignored that because there would be no new elders in the 60's and 70's if they had.

    I can remember when Fred Franz released the Babylon the Great book. He went over 45 minutes in the final talk.


  • garybuss

    blondie, I sat at the dual convention in New York in 1958 and I remember it all well. The common feature of all the hype is that EVERYTHING relates to the literature written and printed by the Watch Tower Corporation. The new work was selling the latest book. It was not a new work. It was the old work but with a new book soon to be the old book, to be replaced by another new book.

    It's interesting how the content has fallen into a distant second place to the context. Now the important thing is loyalty to the Corporation while the teachings, like the aging loyal members, one by one, fade into the forgotten past.

    Thanks for your comment, I am your loyal fan, gary

  • Faraon

    A couple of comments,

    A date included or pasted in the document would've been a tad better since it claims Armaggeddon will occur in a few months, and this is September 15, 1942. This happened over 50 years ago. Was I one of the first ones to live through it?

    I wanted to put it as a wallpaper in my document but I can't since it's a PDF document.

  • johnny_was_good

    I can remember the same thing happening with the relaese of the "Young People Ask"-book.

  • minimus

    I don't think there are any exciting revelations left for the "faithful and discreet slave" to pass on. No new books or talks that can con the easily duped to get excited over actually nothing. The best the Society can do now is drum up "excitement" for the Memorial season and auxillary pioneering. A sucker is born every minute!!!

  • wannaexit


    There is nothing new under the sun. The drum rolls continue. At last year's D.Convention, a supposed "NEW" book was released. It was entitled "Worship the only true God". The excitement was palpatable. Everyone clapped and clapped.

    In my area no one realized that there is nothing new about this book. Its just a rehash of the old "United in Worship ". The new book is in paperback and has some colorful pictures. Aside from this , its a word for word copy of the old. Also, they removed a few chapters, one of which was the blood chapter.

    I am amazed to hear long time pioneers be so trilled about this supposed "new" book. It got such praise from the kingdom hall stage. It was hailed as such a wonderful provision from Jehovah.

    The GB dishes out what ever it wants and JW's will accept it and embrace with excitement. If the GB decided to pass out a little poison, they would say:"How wonderful, how sweet what a wonderful provision from Jehovah".

  • garybuss

    Faraon , The pdf is a scan of the September 15, 1942 Watchtower magazine page 288. The end is near! The end is near! If any have any questions . . . . remember . . . . . The end is near!

    Go in service, Go to meetings, Obey the elders . . . . . and . . . remember . . . . . The end is near!

  • unclebruce

    butt the end was near Gary. (and what a lot of crap that kingdom arsehall spewed out!) [:)]

  • archangel01

    In the Bible it's said " Many books are wary some to the flesh". Yet no JW wants to believe that script, everytime I show it to them when they come to my door. Then I just say "See you don't really follow the Bible you think you do but you don't, Go away Satan! then I just shut my door".

    I think alot of people are on to the WTS game by now. People are really getting tired of all there BS.

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