Contact from the witnesses since leaving & I am angry !

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  • mattnoel

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been looking through the site and noticed that a lot of you have had trouble with the witnesses since leaving.

    How come ? I know when I was on the way out they wanted to meet up with me about half a dozen times, and I had various phone calls to try and stop me but since then I have not heard any more from them. Although I must admit there are still a couple who keep in touch with me via e mail and they let me know what is going on in the cong. Its funny even if they didnt I would still know what was going on as NOTHING HAS CHANGED ! the group I used to hang out with have not changed in any way, in fact they have not grown up since I left, they still think they are grown up though and they are still jsut as self righteous and two faced.

    I get so annoyed still, that they used to try and make me look so bad, I remember once I came downstairs in my old house and two of them were sitting there doing a search through my hard drive to see if I had been looking at porn, I remember popping out and coming back to find that they had found porn in my cupboard, damn they are nosey.

    Another thing that has annoyed me, a sister came over for a coffee the other night, of her own accord, I didnt ask her, but didnt mind as she was really good to me when I was in but then when I said that I dont miss anyone except a couple of them, she then added well you can do something about it ! then as she was going she was saying "oh I should not of been here, this isnt a business arrangement", I questioned this and said "What you scared I am going to corrupt you ?" she replied "No this is supposed to be a punishment, friends not talking to you!"

    Well that really P***ed me off. A) I consider it quite a treat not to have these people in my life anymore, what sort of punishment is that, I have now been given the chance to go and make real friends who have stood by me through a heck of a lot more and B) my other half was even more annoyed than me and was saying "Well what the hell does she think she is doing, she is telling you to leave me and go back to the witnesses and then never talk to me again" then I got a promt "Dont ever have that woman in this house again !" oohhh er.

    Oh well, just thought I would vent my anger !!

    Peace to y'all

  • LyinEyes

    Hi and welcome to the board,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when I first came on this board, I was shocked at how similar the stories were. I mean it was like watching an episode of the twilight zone, robotic JW's all doing and saying the same thing, programmed and without feelings.

    Just when I think I am over the anger, ( I have been out a little over a year) it all comes bubbling back, in full force. I guess alot of it is ,,,,,,,,,,the judging that they did while I was trying my best to be a good JW,,,,,,, I have seen lives literally torn apart by this cult.

    Well, I wont get started on my venting today or I might not stop!!!!!!!!

    Again welcome,,,,,,,Dede

  • mattnoel

    Thanks Dede,

    I guess we are all like you ! once we get started about it we cant stop. I have also been out just over a year, I think it was something like Jan 22 2002 that I came out, it was damn hard to start with and I had a really rough time, now I am happy and settled with my other half and touch wood things are going well. I still sometimes get a little worried that they may actually be right and I am going to die some horrible dath at armageddon, but then I look at other things, for example the christmas and birthday stories that you tell non witnesses and why we dont believe it and I think how stupid I must of sounded and then I realise that I was jsut brainwashed.

    Anyway mate, thanks for the response take care and look forward to speaking toyou in the future,


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    hi matt; good for you , i hope you learned a lesson. not to ever let someone come into your house ,and look into your personnal things.. you have nothing to worry about only jesus can put your heart in judgment... One would think that every time someone leaves a false christ . the angels sing glory to god. and when one joins a cult the angels cry.. wishing you and your wife the best, freedom in christ.........john

  • ApagaLaLuz


    How funny. I thought you had left before I did. I remember, about 7 months after I left, I suddenly got a visit from the Elders at my new house, which no one had the address. (the ways they get info sometimes amazes me) It was 2 weeks before the CO's visit, so I guess they were trying to tie up some loose ends for the records. They attempted to start up more meetings with me. I had been so emotionally drained from the first ones that I went to one last meeting. I asked them to explain the Apostacy charges against me. They couldn't. I asked them to not contact ever again and that my roomate said he would call the police if they ever came to the house again. That was 2 years ago. I haven't heard one thing from anyone. And it's pure bliss. I have NO contact Whatsoever with any JWs except for my parents now. And that is out of neccesity.

    Eventually, you'll grow so far beyond all those old JW "friends." You'll honestly forget all about them. In just 3 short years, I have changed, and grown so much as a person. I don't even remember what the JW Chevy was like. By the way, speaking of not growing and being self-righteous. Did ya hear about a certain English bloak who was engaged to a certain lovely California gal, who called off their relationship because she wasn't 'spiritually minded' enough? *gag*

  • Maverick

    Dear Chevysnats: I feel for you and agree that the J-duds took some real liberties going through your stuff. This is not a slight, but I am presuming you are a young person. I was involved with that bunch for 25 years and served as a member of the Servant Body in six different Halls 16 of those years. I am sure you know this now but you never have to submit to this kind of abuse. I walked away and nobody came looking for me. They were glad to see me go. I wonder who was better off? Even though, I own a business and run into the goofballs all the time. You learned a lot sooner than I did and I commend you for it. I finally grew a beard and long hair, now when I spot a J-dud I start off after him or her with this big grin on my face like "hey how are you, great to see you!' And watch the ding-dong run into things trying to get the h--l away from ME! Makes my whole day! Maybe you could come up with a fun way to make them crazy and put them into confusion. If you think about it that should not be too hard, look how the GB has been running them in circles. They're half dazed and confused to start with. Hang in there son, you got them on the run. Maverick

  • Maverick

    Correction; Stupid me my comments were for mattnoel. Sorry about that folks, got hair in my eyes, duh! Maverick

  • mattnoel

    he he Maverick,

    That sounds like a great idea, well since leaving I have lost like loads of weight, got very short hair, wear contacts rather than glasses and have a short goatee so they don tend to recognise me, BUT the thought of going straight up to the is too perfect to miss. I bet they have the best look on their faces.

    You do realise though that they probably all talk about you at the meetings as if you are completely mad and are making their lives so difficult.

    I cant wait for the day when they call on my door with the mags, they dont know where I live now, I am going to take them, tell them to wait, then go and get a lighter, walk back out, stand on the drive in front of them and light the magazines, then hand them back alight.

  • Maverick

    Dear mattnoel: That's a good idea just don't burn your fingers,OK. I think the next time a J-dud offers me a mag I'll gladly take it, open in up to the middle, and blow my nose into it and then close it and hand in back while saying,"Boy I needed that, thanks a lot!" As for being talked about at the Hall gossip is the name of the game, so I am happy I can bring such pleasure to the crew! I wrote that Baptism Nullification letter and whenever I have a J-dud encounter I make it a point to send them a copy of the letter the next business day. I am sure they give it to the Pharisees and that agrgravates them no end. See, life CAN have some simple pleasures, so enjoy it ! Yours, Maverick

  • mattnoel

    Hey Maverick,

    So whats this letter ? I wanna know more. Perhaps we should set up another topic "What to do when the witnesses call".

    The trouble with them is that you have to get them in such a way that will work, I recall going out in field service when I too was brainwashed and when you encountered someone who was abusive you would walk away thinking "Oh what a shame, but oh well they too will die at armageddon" (can you believe we actually thought that !)

    maybe another suggestion is take the mags and ask them back (Oh how excited they would be), wipe your arse on them and then give them back next week and thank them............or is that too crude !


    your partner in crime,


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