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  • Englishman

    Just suppose that JW's had got it right about 1975, and that we are now in the 26th year of the 1000 year reign.

    So, how are we spending our time?

    I guess that we're not watching boxing on the telly. Probably not enjoying any barbecues with the meat eating ban. Manchester United would never have amalgamated with the Yankees, Bill Clinton would still not have inhaled, Princess Diana would still be sucking her thumb, the Internet would never have been invented (and who's afraid of the big bad net?)

    So, just what are we doing?

    Well, we've buried all the dead for a start. OK, so were overrun by vultures, but that was always on the cards. We've planted vines and fig trees but it's so bloody cold in England this spring that the bloody things wont grow here. The pesky lions will not eat straw having got a taste for beef, so it should be OK to take them for a Big Mac.

    Some of the newly resurrected ones are giving trouble, (a) they're p****d off about not being able to have sex, and (b) they are EXTREMELY agitated that their wives are having sex with someone else.

    Also, some of the young ones are bawling: "We're bored, there's nothing to do here!"

    So, here's my question: Assuming that 1975 was the year that armageddon destroyed most of mankind, what particular thing or activity would you need to be present in the new order, for you to be able to feel as ecstatically happy as those rejoicing dubs that feature so prominently in the WTBTS's publications?


  • digderidoo

    I would be sitting in my self built home in the snowdonia national paradise.....i would be there with my cockatial (ROSCO)... my children would be playing in the back home for their dinner....

    But's not to be

    Nice thought EM....but's it's not goin to happen..

    Come to think ot it.....i would not of gone out on my birthday, i would not of gone out over the weekend....i would not have got p****d tonight....i would not be here on my pc talkin to you, listening to the pogues on the cd (class album...i must say).

    Come to think of it i would not be looking forward to seein my children at the weekend...they would not be ere because their mother and father are sinners!

    Come to think of it i would not be drivin my MGB you know all about that don't you?

    I would rather be here today......being real.....ultimately being myself....

    Yours dig

    Ordinary people just like you and me...
    We're the keepers of our destiny...

  • battman

    Golf, golf, golf, golf and maybe some more golf.
    If I will be working towards perfection will my
    "handicap" improve? Will I continue to improve?
    Will I always have a handicap? Just how perfect
    will my swing become. Will I get a hole in one every
    time? that would make my total score 18.

    Will i have to rake the sand when i leave the bunker?
    of course, i should not even be there if I am perfect.
    In that case I can skip the "mulligan", the "gimme" and
    the "foot wedge" but never the 19th hole.

    i can hardly wait

  • expatbrit

    I would be looking admiringly at my new possessions. Namely, the entire contents of the British Library, Cambridge University Library, and the Bodleian Library, all of which I would have miraculously saved from the fires of armageddon.

    And get those greasy little fingers off my Gutenberg.....


  • bajarama

    What would be the point of doing anything if you where perfect?

    I guess the greatest gift we have is not being perfect!

    Not being perfect is what makes life a challange or interesting.

    Never making a mistake would truly be boring. Think about that.

    Maybe that is why god made mankind they way we are, he was bored to

    death with his perfect self.

    Just an opinion.

    Happy being my imperfect self!


  • crossroads

    Maybe we are perfect? What does being a perfect human
    entail.The three perfect beings that walked the earth are
    all now fleshly dead.
    Perfection anyone-are we perfect as we sit in front our
    computers-it would sure change your out look on just
    about everything wouldn't it. Is sin imperfection or just
    part of our perfect humanity-we were givin a chance to
    choose to sin or not. Prior to Adams sinning there was two
    trees-the other the tree of life, if not needed to keep this
    sinless human alive why oh why was it there?
    "Lets have another round for these freaks and these
    soldiers, another round for these friends of mine"
    Joni Mitchell-again I ask are we perfect?
    Peace and Love-Mark

  • bajarama

    If god is the perfect designer as the bible claims he is, then he created humans to be the way we are? Some may argue that man caused our own problems when Adam and Eve sinned.

    I believe that god made this "cake" so to speak, and he wanted things to be as they are. If I add eggs, flour, water, sugar, etc, and then add heat to this mixture, I know I would end up with a cake. God would have known all things before he created them. He created satan knowing what he would do. He created adam and eve knowing what they would do. Then he adds the final frosting to the "cake" the tree of knowledge of good and bad. If you believe the bibles account of the first two humans on earth, you have to admit it was a set up. God baked this cake, this is his baby! I truly believe god wanted things to be the way they are or he would not have created it that way. God had a choice, I don't see why people blame the product for the designer's error.

    Then again maybe gods not perfect and we were truly made in his image!

    This brings up one other question, if god planted the tree of knowledge of good and bad, then he must have been the creator of sin. How could a perfect god know sin before the fall of mankind?

    (formerly of the jackass class)


  • Sunchild
    So, here's my question: Assuming that 1975 was the year that armageddon destroyed most of mankind, what particular thing or activity would you need to be present in the new order, for you to be able to feel as ecstatically happy as those rejoicing dubs that feature so prominently in the WTBTS's publications?

    <g> I wasn't born until December 18th of that year, so to me, it wouldn't really matter WHAT remained. Besides, the first Nintendo system wasn't invented until the mid-80s.


    "Most men complacently accept 'knowledge' as 'truth'. They are sheep, ruled by fear."
    -- Sydney Losstarot, "Vagrant Story."

  • Englishman


    Well, I can relate to the MGB - great fun tweaking those twin SU carbs eh? - I've also got the Pogues blasting The Irish Rover out on Winamp right now.

    Time for some crispy bacon and new laid eggs.

    Ah, heaven.


  • Flowerpetal

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