1942 Book "The New World"

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  • Debra Ann Romano
    Debra Ann Romano

    I grew up in a magnificent, 3-story, Greek Revival house on the once very rural Staten Island NY. The house was originally part of a huge compound, cannery, farm, and WBBR radio station owned by the Watchtower Society. My late Grandparents purchased 1065 Woodrow Rd in 1957 and that is where I spent the next 12 years of my life. Many JWs passed through that home as my wonderful Grammy was the ultimate kind and loving hostess. While clearing out their most current attic I came across this book signed on Sept 18th, 1942 by GM(?) Russell with our former address. Of course I realize this is not the Russell of JWs origin, but wondered if any old timers participate on this forum to know who he actually was?

  • Dunedain
    Beleive it or not, i probably could help you. I too, am from the south shore of Staten Island. In fact, are you ready to have your mind blown, i have ties to the Eltingville Cong. I recognise your name, too. I know/knew the Dillons, Spruel, Kausyla, they were OLD timers, just to drop a few names. Anyway, i will ask my Dad, he may know that name. Funny how the writing was dated for Sept 18th, and thats todays date, also it says Huguenot, and that new Kingdom Hall is on Huguenot ave, old Kausyla house.
  • fastJehu
    @ Debra Ann Romano & Dunedain

    Welcome on board. :-)

  • wozza
    What a find ,looking at that old book made me think of all those old timers back then , who believed what is in those pages and worked hard to spread the contents to their neighbours then , and now in our time so little in that book is current teaching on JWOrg. Sad

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