Where can I find Watchtower Pictures?

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  • VeniceIT

    Maybe this time (crosses fingers)

  • Valis

    Don't forget these...not of the buildings, but theocratic no less.. http://www.sassquatch.com/Color/


    District Overbeer

  • sf

    Hahaha!! Ven, you are one of a Kind!



    twurlyyyyyy burd

  • Kenneson

    Thank you Blondie for the link. It enabled me to go on the Theocratic Vacation as well. The Kingdom Hall at Arnpior, Ontario has a bus in front of it. I wonder if it belongs to the Witnesses. Are they now copycatting other churches that bus people to services?

    I notice that the landscaping of many of the sites was very well done and impressive. Good image for the public. Also, the Assembly Hall in Montreal borders on the materialistic. And the endless printing facilities on the mundane. I was intrigued by the archival display at Georgetown Canadian Bethel of the Photo-Drama of Creation and Studies in the Scriptures. Could this be an expression of nostalgia for a return to their roots and " pure" worship? Can't help but wonder, however, why the Watchtower has put them out of print.

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