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  • StephaneLaliberte

    You know smiddy, I never thought of it that way, you're right! Why isn't Satan (and his demons) subject to sickness, growing old and dying like the humans for the very same sin?

  • Vidiot
    Simply ask yourself, "if you were God, could you let all those innocents die, just to prove you were right?"
  • username

    It's just one big tag session. Jehoba chasing after Satan whilst Jesus and the angels are all running around chasing the demons shouting YOUR IT!

    It's all good fun until someone looses an eye!

  • brandnew

    Its all just so damn ugly. 😡 i wish i had an answer.

    All i can say, is live, and let live......but live to the fullest ☺

  • daringhart13

    This is what I personally tell JW's when we discuss the issue of Universal Sovereignty:

    A bully moves into your neighborhood and tells you that your'e a weak, pansy ass loser in front of the entire neighborhood. He consistently taunts you calling you a pu**y in front of others in the street.

    You say it isn't true and to prove it, you tell him he can torture, rape and beat your daughter to prove that you're strong enough to handle anything. After all, you're very concerned that the other neighbors respect your name!

    How long into watching your daughter brutally raped before you act? This goes on and on and on for years.....you just sit and watch .... proving your toughness to the other neighbors.

    A lowly, sinful HUMAN wouldn't do this for half a second....but a perfect God with the power to stop it would?

    Absurd doesn't cover it...........it's the most disgusting, stupid, insulting doctrine in all of JW Land.

    There are seriously no words for how stupid this is.......

  • brandnew
    Daring💜 couldnt a said it better ☺
  • Simon

    Apparently he can, he just prefers to see millions of people suffer for his mistakes.

    Of course there is a chance it's all a crazy story. I don't think we trust 2,000 year old goat-herder tails for things like medicine or science ... strange that we believe their religious stuff.

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